Posted by Aakansha Juneja
April 3, 2017

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HUMANS! The most beautiful creature I think god has created on this planet. Evolution started from an animal which turned into a man. It all started from Africa and moved to Asia and Europe around 1.8 to 2.0 million ago and then species of human spread all over the world which gave birth to agriculture and story of humans started.

Term evolution is being given to this lengthy process of transformation of a man from an apelike animal but I call it magic. What else can you call it and how can we define it, It’s all nature which has shown its color in the different form. Colors. Yes, now color defines it all. How humans look, what their skin tone is, from where they belong to, is the base one human judge other humans on. Don’t you think so?

Specifically industries like media, Bollywood, airlines, corporate prefer to take people who have fair skin tone and not brown. BOLLYWOOD in India I suppose is one of the major industry from where all over the country people get to inspire and do things in their life taking it as an example, but in such industry also work of an individual is praise later but their skin tone is given more preferences, celebs like Bipasha Basu, Ranveer Singh, The Hollywood-Bollywood queen Priyanka ChopraNawazuddin Siddiqui has also shared over and over period of time and suffer. When great actors and suffered due to their skin tone how common people would not be.
The advertising industry is cashing in on this obsession which is engrained in every aspect of our culture. ‘Fair and Lovely’ is one such cosmetic brand that’s been around for years and has become the household name in India. In all its advertisements, it has espoused to be the cure for dark skin. Such advertisements have always disempowered women because they have encouraged the notion that women have to be fair and pretty to be eligible for marriage.


The one basic behind the reason for racism is us as well. We the people, as by producers and directors reject on the basis of color but they do that because people demand that. Right? The mentality of people is if you are fair then you are beautiful. Features, expressions and many other aspects go unnoticed. Let’s be honest: How many dark-skinned actresses do we see in Bollywood?

Priyanka Chopra, the Punjabi girl has not just proved herself in her own country but in and around the world as well. In her recent interview with Karan Johar in Koffee with Karan has mentioned about her experience on a flight where she was stopped to use washroom due to her skin tone.

Racism is not just an issue now it can also be turned into criminal cases like murder and violation of individuals due to negative or wrong comments on them. Not just in India, but globally it is a severe issue prevailing. The theory of racism is been encouraged of different groups of people and somewhere media also plays a vital role in it. Though media has been a source of knowledge among people and an advantage through which we can access whatever we want which has become a powerful tool all over and there are no limitations to access information but there come cons with pro’s which can be stated with an example where reports on black people since the slave trade, how they portrait black people and associate the with crime, drugs, rape and animalism. This news release by media tends people think more negatively about black people and they associate their future bad experiences only with them. What do you think white population doesn’t get into rape and crimes and how pure they are will figures define. In The United States completed rapes which take place is 10,237, isn’t that the small number? No denial in the fact that now media is the one contributing a lot to change the mindset of people and making them believe that humans should not be judged on their color, but some examples of media can also terrify us spreading the knowledge of getting stereotype for the group of people for being judged on.
Despite the disturbing facts of the racism reality, there has been a step in the positive direction with celebrities like Nandita Das running campaigns against the fairness obsession. In her ‘Dark is the “Beautiful’ campaign, Nandita also refers to the fact that most of the articles written about her describe her as dusky-skinned and, very understandably, she doesn’t like being called ‘dusky’ because she is being categorized into something she was naturally born into and has no personal control over.

Why in the industry like Airline prefer individuals who have fairer skin tone and not brown. Humans create it and they can only cure this social issue as there is no rocket science it’s all in the mind. You stop stereotype an individual on the basis of the bunch of people or through your bad experiences which can happen with the people sharing the same kind of skin tone you have and think a level up that why we judge someone on the basis of their color. As such situations sometimes can break a person from inside and can encourage an individual to take such steps which one should not like suicide. How biased our society is. We keep saying things like, ‘Uska rang saaf hai’ while referring to fair-skinned people; it’s as if dark skin is a dirty thing.

Why can’t a human just take positive aspects one other human and accept the fact that it’s all given by nature and skin tone should not be the major aspect to look upon. Someone’s hidden talent, personality, charm an individual have should be the parameters wherein someone can look into others. Over and over any debates would not solve the problem of racism until and unless humans start accepting the fact that skin tone of an individual would not show someone’s character. In fact, it should never be a social issue because every individual needs to solve this issue within them. I would request all my reader’s to spread word of mouth and pledge today with me while reading this article that we would not judge human’s on basis of their color and would not come into the category of RACIST as you never know someone getting a racist emotion from you today might be future Priyanka Chopra folks!

We are HUMANS, we are not perfect. We are alive, we try things. We make mistakes, we stumble, we fall, we get hurt, we rise again. We try again, we keep learning, we keep growing. And we should be thankful for this priceless opportunity call LIFE. Live it!

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