Being Women Is Not To Take Privilege But To Spread As Blessing And Be An Inspiration

Posted by Snigdha Behera
April 25, 2017

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I saw there is a video arguing about Supreme Court’s new law on divorce relating boy’s parents. Many educated girls are asking what about girls parents….. I really feel in name of feminism …. women empowerment ……….. we are showing more hypocrisy. Previously due lack of awareness, sensitivity women are tortured by men …. now people (women) think its revenge time . No no no ….. empowerment means Nourish Each other and GROW TOGETHER.

Now come to Marriage, when we are marrying a person we are marrying to his/her family also. In all marriages we are setting some criterion to settle down for one proposal like Looks, Education, Job, Salary, Family Background , Family SHOW-OFF status, In-laws house, Burden on the groom/bride for his/her family , whether they are able to give dowry or not, whether they are able to keep our daughter like princess or not …. many more .

So moral of the story is that all so called Marriages are conditional …. In Arrange Marriage tightly and in Love marriage loosely … but Conditional.

In our culture, girls has to go to boy’s house after marriage. But that does not give anyone right to bring trouble to their in-laws. There is also “Ghar Jammai’ culture in our country. So like other Condition we have made during Marriage, make this point clear. Just don’t go to your in-laws. Now we women are educated , strong and independent. Take your own responsibilities.

Previously women did not get education, not able earn for their living … thats why our laws were made to secure them but not to Threat any innocent .

Now the case is different, we r self sufficient but unfortunately some of our women are taking advantage of laws and mis-utilizing their loop falls. So its time to make new laws for this Equality environment.

Who said, WOMEN are ABLA …. ? We are giving birth to child which is so painful ……… we are strong enough to deal with any emotional trauma ….. that is why men are more prone to heart attack not we. So how are we weak? Now we can earn our own bread and butter .

Please , dear Aunties, sisters, friends take stand for yourself in right way……. don’t take privilege of being women ……… be feminine in actual sense ….. be the sensible, strong and actual part of HUMAN EMPOWERMENT.

Just you have to fight with yourself . Dare to flow against the flow of society . Don’t use any one for your profit.

More over , why arguing between son’s duty and daughter’s duty ? Taking care of elders is not gender biased.

Bitter truth is that ………… those who are not taking care of their old in-laws they are never concerned about their parents.

Now days many women are also taking care of their parents along with their second parents happily.

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