Benefits to managers due to greytHR’s online attendance system

Posted by Nidhi Mahajan
April 5, 2017

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Tracking an employee’s attendance is important to your company’s bottom line. Attendance is defined, quite simply, as showing up for work, but how can you track it? By implementing well-defined policies and a tracking system.

Especially, with hourly or nonexempt employees, the attendance system clearly defines when employees are supposed to show up for work. This is especially important for nonexempt employees, who frequently perform jobs that require a person to be there to serve customers.

greytHR’s online attendance system module is seamlessly integrated with its other major modules, such as leave, payroll, core HR, etc. Attendance information such as leave balances, number of leaves taken and loss of pay (LOP) days are passed on as important inputs to the payroll module before processing payroll.

Benefits of greytHRs online attendance system to managers

Both employees and their managers access greytHR’s employee portal to view, apply, track, review, approve or reject leave applications as appropriate.

Managers can view which of his/ her team members are punctual by viewing their in and out time over a period of time. The attendance information is captured and displayed in real-time and not processed at the end of the day, week or month.

On greytHR’s online attendance system module, managers can add or modify shifts for his/ her team members. If provided with HR admin role, they can also add attendance exception for a particular employee based on employeee’s or business needs.

On greytHR’s time attendance software, managers can approve or reject their team members’ attendance regularization requests based on mutual understanding.

What if some managers have team members, who work on-site… Say out of client locations? In this case, they can’t use their clients’ biometric devices to capture attendance data of his/ her team members. They’ll have to rely on the client-side manager/ SPOC to provide them with their own team members’ attendance details, which is taxing the client highly… Also, this may not be reliable and can lead to unnecessary friction and trust issues. greytHR’s GPS-based time attendance software feature allows managers to track attendance of their mobile or on-site employees without having to rely on client SPOC or biometric devices.

Both employees and managers can relax and not worry about whether attendance was captured accurately or not because of greytHR’s real-time attendance software module. Both of them can focus on completing their projects and assignments rather than wasting everybody’s time and effort recording and mailing attendance details, approvals and follow-ups.

greytHR’s real-time attendance software module makes sure that a manager, who’s located in a remote location, can view who’s in! The Who’s In page on greytHR’s employee portal shows him all his/ her team member(s) who’ve signed in for the day and when!

Overtime and time management issues can be resolved between managers and his/ her employees based on accurate and real-time attendance data. Managers and his team members can eliminate all paperwork and emails regarding clarifications and doubts on attendance, as the system will show accurate and reliable data.

greytHR’s attendance module can allow managers to be alerted to early or late in/out swipes in real time. Alerts like these can afford a manager the opportunity to address his/ her team members’ attendance issues early, before they become larger problems.

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