3 Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Instagram Followers

Posted by walter in Media
April 29, 2017

By Walter Moore:

Statistics reveal that Instagram gets almost 1,000 comments every second and 1.2 billion likes every day. Today, Instagram engagement is 15 times greater than Facebook engagement and 20 times greater than Twitter engagement.

These statistics are very impressive, indeed. It is clearly evident that Instagram enjoys a massive engagement level on social media. In fact, it is almost unbelievable that this Facebook-owned app can boast of having over 400 million daily active users.

Ever since Instagram was introduced in 2010, celebrities, premium brands, social media influencers and wise businesspersons began exploiting this social media platform for boosting engagement with their specific target audiences. Consequently, the growing popularity of Instagram led to a dramatic change in social media tactics.

The secret behind the phenomenal success of Instagram is that we all love visuals. Besides sharing selfies with your family and friends on it, Instagram is also used as an effective platform for driving qualified visitors to your websites through effective marketing campaigns. Instagram is also responsible for boosting business revenues to a great extent.

Therefore, it is sheer stupidity to drive away followers by making some glaring ‘Instagram mistakes’. Here are some of the mistakes that have been identified by the experts:

Mistake 1: Making Your Instagram Business Profile Private

By making your business profile on Instagram private, you will lose a lot of engagement and followers, in the process. Your personal Instagram profile can be made private if that is what you wish to do. However, it is not a smart move to make your business account private as it should be open to the public.

Only a publicly accessible account can boost followers – and you obviously want more followers who will follow, like, share and recognise your precise brand.

Mistake 2: Posting Duplicate Content Every Now And Then

The fact is that nobody is interested in duplicate content. So, if you indulge in posting any duplicate content on a regular basis, the number of followers will dwindle, because they are simply not interested in duplicate videos and pictures.

Of course, occasionally, you may have to repost a video or photo you had shared before. However, do not get into this habit. If you do not share fresh, interesting and absorbing content, nobody will be interested in purchasing your products.

Selfies can be a good way of engaging with your target audience, but do not overdo this. Moreover, do not make a habit of posting the same selfie over and over again. This way, your followers will surely quit following you.

You must learn to strike a balance, efficiently. It is a good idea to experiment with different kinds of posts like pictures, videos, quotes, and memes. Then, observe what kinds of posts are getting maximum engagement. Also, do consider experimenting with fonts, colors, the branding and the positioning.

Riddle me this – how many of these Instagram pictures are duplicate?

Mistake 3: Giving More Importance To Quantity Than Quality

You must concentrate on the quality of your posts more than their quantity for attracting more followers and boosting business.

Always remember that quality is the key to Instagram success. An Instagram post which is motivating enough may generate as many as 34,000 likes and more than 300 comments, on an average. You could go on posting on Instagram – provided you have a wonderful stock of pictures and videos that are unique and of top notch quality.

Moreover, remember never to compromise on quality for boosting quantity. Quality should be given prime importance. Be consistent and see the results.

You are guaranteed to gain a massive following on Instagram provided you are alert and conscious about what’s happening around you. You must learn from your mistakes – and never repeat them. Therefore, be sure to avoid these three mistakes if you wish to stay well ahead of the curve!

The author is a social media marketing personnel attached to a well-known consultancy agency. He is a blogging expert and enjoys sharing fruitful tips with his real Instagram followers.