How This Startup Makes Meat From Plants To Prevent The Killing Of Animals

Posted by Dushyant Sethiya in Society
April 3, 2017

Does the future lie in plant-based meat? Is it really possible to replace animal meat with plant-based meat?

What is this startup that has been investing in plant-based meat for outlets like McDonald’s?

Yes, you heard me right! Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat, wanted to find alternatives to animal meat to meet the supply of food outlets (like McDonald’s, among others).

What Is Beyond Meat And How Did It Start?

Ethan Brown founded this venture to replace animal meat with plant-based meat.

In the podcast, “How I Built This”, Ethan says that there are six billion animals on the planet, which are killed for their meat. Ethan questions why we cannot make meat without sacrificing animals.

Animals consume plant proteins and convert it into muscles. Ethan states that providing proteins was exactly what he wanted to ensure – but without killing animals.

Once he had this idea, he started researching ways to make this possible. In the process, he sold his house to fund his startup and make it a profitable venture.

When he started with his venture, he used to carry the meat in his bags to the retail stores to sell them. However, nowadays, his startup sells plant-based meat to the entire Whole Foods Market chain of retail stores in the US.

It is interesting that before he had founded Beyond Meat, Ethan had no prior qualification in this field. He believes that anything is achievable as long as you have a passion for it.

Within a few years of founding Beyond Meat, he attracted investments from people like Bill Gates (among others).

Ethan recalls that it was difficult to convince people in the beginning. With time, people started accepting this initiative. It was only then that he became ambitious about the future of his startup.

So, what exactly does Beyond Meat do?

We are aware that the meat we consume comes mainly from animals. However, while converting protein into meat, this startup uses plants instead of animals. Apart from this, the process remains unchanged. They make meat from plant-stuff such as soy and peas. However, they also use lentil protein, cotton seeds and other sustainable crops.

The popular Beyond Burger

Currently, they sell their product, the Beyond Burger in the Whole Foods Market retail stores, by placing them in meat cases.

Beyond Meat can significantly change our eating habits, and how!


Image Source : Fried Dandelions/Facebook