Blessed To Be Able To #letstalk For Evermore

Posted by GirlCounts Modi
April 7, 2017

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Dedicated to all those who don’t have a voice but need a voice. You have a voice, your voice. #LetsTalk and see how many of us are out here and together we can do so much more for evermore. Let our voice UNITE us and let not the silence DIVIDE us. Discrimination based on birth condition is divisive and silencing the exploitation is abusive. Looking back from perspective of 2020, 2040,2060, what will stats quo be like? Either you can help or ignore or abuse and exploit. I for one have found my voice, thanks to the millions before us and now around us who understand rather than deny or abuse.Equality When?

Weak I am no more for free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

Gone are the walls that stop us for free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

Real culprits like secrecy and stigma prevent us from being free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

I see the same skies, oceans, flowers differently now for free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

I grab a coffee or soda and it no longer spills accidentally for free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

I have the same eyes, ears, nose, feel, taste as yesterday but it’s all clear and HUMAN now that we are free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

I know now there are millions like me silenced but we grow together if free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

Oh this feeling is so HUMAN because all we want is to share and be free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

Come, join together and be each other’s strength and be free to #LetsTalk for evermore,

Interesting statistic –

1 in 5 people have depression in humanitarian emergencies as per WHO

1 in 5 people (heterosexual, single, LGBTI) experience infertility or dysfertility.

Is there a correlation and/or connection between depression and child issues? Even adults facing depression may be due to their own child issues. Is not being able to have a child an “emergency” for the adults involved even though it may not be for rest of the world? Lets focus back on the child. #LetsTalk

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