Body And Character, What?

Posted by Abi Tiara
April 9, 2017

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Iam a very active and chubby Chennai girl… Very chubby by the way… And they say I’m a women now not a girl any more. Being a Tamil and Indian, the only three duties/ works/ levels/ accomplishments in life of a female is study , marry(anyone except the one you found) , work( in the sense from household, earning to giving birth, everything)..
Education has changed into more of a quality to get a partner nowadays. And other turn offs for guys will be height and weight. Guys do a little better even if they are plus sized. But to girls with plus size is like hell..! Based on height and weight you divide girls getting ready for marriage into two, ‘Marriage ready’ and ‘not the exact material’. Lets take the string to talk about ‘not the exact material’ group.
Despite being pretty by looks most of the plus sized girls are expected to be timid slaves of imposed misfortunes.
But in reality they are not! You will surprisingly find more brave, bold, clear headed bunch of girls in this side, blah blah blah to them being strong headed lets get back to the exact thing..
Despite of all name calling body shaming, mental abuse, self abuse etc When we are home, hoping solance only sometimes parents encourage u, but mostly discourage u, and there are these people who have no other work but criticize everyone and everything, aunties they are called, shock you with ‘You gained a little more weight than last time I saw you’… How would you feel when you have not eaten a single piece of chocolate or sweets for months and counted calorie after calorie you ate, tats how it is.. Some times parents support (note only a few sometimes) but mostly blame for not eating, exercising and sleeping properly…
And some married uncles just because I’m not married till now (as I’m too old for marriage at 25) Think that I’m actually a rejected piece of scum, and can pour any kind of verbal shit and imposture on me (this is every girls issue Who is not married after 21+ Indian standard fixed right age for girl’s marriage)…

As I very recently end up in the marriage market as well. The fantasy atlast finding a partner hope turned  to a horrifying discover the question banks of rejections , to be true..
The questions started from whats your height, went on to you look a little chubby ( thanks to them, they didn’t embarrass me in the beginning), then the most care taking question ‘you have any health issue?’, ‘then how do u work?'(in the sense as if, I’m bed ridden)… ‘Why dont you go for a job rather than doing your business?’….. ‘Is it permenant kind of income?’ (name me something permenant in human life). By now totally pissed off, I would be like blink as if I got lost in a alien planet carnival….
Leave this marriage stuff… There are people directly and indirectly tell you reduce some weight, and some ugly reason stating ‘cos people might this you are not a good type of girl’…. What d hell do you mean by the way…

When some people see I’m bold mentally and physically, just to shame me by saying you are useless… And to add more to their joy now I’m into my business, just started by. A fruit cake with a cherry on their plate…

I get frequent advices to my parents to get me checked for some Disease. But as far as my knowlege I’m healthy and active. Only recently due to continious abuse I’m facting eating Irregularities. Now I have decided as far as I’m healthy and active I’m not going to care about what people say. I look good the way I’m , if you have a problem in that please dont look at my way..
All people do is judge judge judge.. All that is dirty is your imagination.. Clean your mind first … Then Come name our shame…

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