Body Is Golden Positivity

Posted by Singer Swarnakamal Goldee
April 12, 2017


body is the beauty of nature , A CREATION OF POSITIVITY OF NATURE . It doesn’t & shouldn’t matter that you are slim or fat ,your body is hairy or waxed ,  matching with the  most worst disease of all -PERFECTIOM or not . it doesn’t matter what u wearing to cover and how much covering your BODY . Cuz it’s the CREATION OF MOTHER NATURE , which always BEAUTIFUL , ATTRACTIVE if we hv a beautiful , attractive “VIEW OF SOUL ” . U DNT NEED TO WAX YOUR BODY TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL , HAIR EMBRACING OUR ATTRACTIVENESS , SO WE DNT NEED TO RUN FOR STUPID SMOOT  CHEAP APPRECIATION , CONCENTPS WHICH BRINGING HARMFUL STEREOTYPES SMOOTHLY , U DNT NEED TO WOK OUT ONLY TO GET ACCEPTANCE FOR YOUR PARTNER, OR TO GET POSITIVE COMMENTS , LIKES FRM BULLY MAKERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA , MEDIA OF OF EAL LIFE , DO IT FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS TO MAKE A HAPPY CURCUMSTANCES WHO WILL RESPECT YOU FRM HIS OR THEIR HEART . thus we can get positive DIMENTIONS OF VIEW & can stop all those concepts which actually harming the TRUE BEAUTY OF SOCIETY , HUMANITY , THE – “BODY OF POSITIVITY ” .

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