Boycott Chinese Products | Take Initiative In Make In India Project | Not For Yourself But For Your Country And For Our Soldiers | Don’t Finance Bullet’s Against Our Soldiers |

Posted by Atul Rana
April 5, 2017

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A common questions that a defence aspirations face many many times in his life “about our military strength,China is more powerful than us and they will easily defeat us in war,our military strength is very weak as compared to military strength of US,Russia & China”.

Those people who ask these questions never think the reason why Chinese military is more powerful in technology and equipments than our military because both nations become independent at same time.

The reason behind it is their Economy. The country whose economy is strong can invest more in defence and research sector due to which their military become more powerful.

China’s economy is more stronger than our economy that’s why they have better equipments.

But who makes their economy strong. We the people who uses Chinese products makes their economy strong.We are paying them to shoot our soldiers because China is financing and paying Pakistan and Pakistan is financing terrorists to kill our soldiers who are dying in protecting us.They are making a economic corridor in Pakistan by an investment of $42 billion.

Every mobile which our citizen use are made by Chinese company. Vivo,OPPO,Ginonee, Lenovo,Moto etc are the companies whose mobile phones are most common in our country and all these are Chinese company.

It’s a shameful fact that in our country we just celebrate festivals but all the preparations for our festivals are done by Chinese because on Diwali they make crackers, decorating items, lights etc and on holi they make Water balloons,Water colours,pitchkaari,etc.

All the electronics,mobiles, decorating items are Made in China.

People are using Chinese products,making their economy strong, increase their GDP and employment. And they criticize that our military is weaker that Chinese military. After supporting their economy they are disrespecting our National flag in exchange.

Our Prime Minister take a good initiative of MAKE IN INDIA but it will become successful only when we use Made in India products.

If in future their is war between India and China and unfortunately we loose it. Then credit for their victory is given to all the Indians who use Chinese products and financing bullets against our soldiers and our country.

We loose in 1962 indo-china war because we have .303 rifle which can fire only one round/bullet and then it need reload but they have machine guns,our soldiers fight in ice with those boots which are made to fight in forest,our soldiers even don’t have sweater to wear but they fight in temperature of -20°C.

We have a great country my friend that can do anything.We have world’s best soldiers in skills who can do anything for our country. ISRO made a record of sending 104 satellites in one rocket and made our own GPS IRNSS 1G (NAAVIK) which even China don’t have. DRDO made an Interceptor which destroy ballistic missiles in air which even China also don’t have .

Don’t use Chinese products my friends because you are indirectly financing bullets against our soldiers and against our country. It is possible that your family member, relative, friend is killed by a bullet that is indirectly financed by you.

Jai Hind

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