Break The Menstrual Taboo.

Posted by anvi ahuja
April 26, 2017

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Menstruation, a process unique to women which is so natural that it is the reason for the very existence of mankind.
It was supposed to be a sign to girls that they are healthy and are growing properly but what did the society make out of it ? A TABOO.
We’ve stigmatized this word so much that even the mention of menstruation in public is considered ill-suited.
The society is so much caught up with the misconceptions that come along with periods that they blindly follow so many rules – not going to the temple, entering the kitchen, sleeping during the day-time to name a few.
During the ancient times, sanitary napkins were not available which was the core reason for all the rules made back then. We continue to blindly follow the same things without questioning why.
But not anymore
A girl’s relation with her menstrual blood should be left to her discretion alone. Wheather she wishes to celebrate it, relax during that time, or take it as just another normal day should be left to her decision, alone.
The saga of menstrual blood is not as trivial as it may sound. It is deeply embedded in the cultural practices of the people, which further takes away any choice on the part of women to choose their disposition towards it.
Denying young girls an opportunity to question, debate and make their own opinion on something as personal as menstrual blood, is denying them a choice to engage with their bodies on their terms. It is taking away a right to ask questions that affects their gender identity. We need to encourage an open discussion with young girls and boys on this topic.
So, let’s engage into conversations surrounding menstruation
Let’s embrace our period and enjoy the saga of menstruation.
And no matter what is imposed upon us, let’s have the power to question, EVERYTHING.

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