Confusion on culture of Love Aaj Kal for Youth

Posted by Sukrati Shrivastava
April 13, 2017

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With sizzling hot and entertaining  trailer film befikre was launched both actor and actress of a film did very good job but unfortunately the film didn’t do very well on box office because after watching movies like this viewers were trapped in confusion that whether they should love one person or fall in love with different persons every day.Later On Okay Janu was released that love is time pass just spent some good time at lonely places and than move on become practical and break up.We all have the habit to try new fashion trends like girls I also love to dress up wear makeup like heroines even some times I observe my cousin brother spending more money on buying tattered jeans keeping beard.Somewhere I found some innocent students of college and student following more than fashion trends they follow even the behavior lifestyle and they think it is really cool.Come ON  girls changing your boy friend like your dresses and guys changing your girl friend with every upcoming season is so uncool and you all know I,e not love or relationship.It seems very good in beginning but in end, you will realize that your life is completely messed up and you have wasted precious and valuable time in all these stuff .Every body has some kind of passion and talent with which he or she can contribute in the development of this society and nation and that will give you lot of satisfaction this kind of cheap thrills give.
In my opinion love is when u promise to person that you will stay with each other no matter what ever the obstacles will come in life. you will care, respect & treat person in special way  .every time you will help in all possible way to grow professionally, personally in all aspects of life. and together you will share joy and happiness and hard times of life through out the wonderful journey of life.If a person is an able commit like this than He is worthy of your time otherwise leave him Or her.LOVE IS NOT business that like if you find more beautiful chick or Richie hot dude than leaving current one and move on and say that you are practical if you do that and say thatI am PRACTICAL person, in my opinion, I say no and would like to call them cheater and coward and deep down this person also know that they are not doing right thing with other and sooner or later they will suffer .One more kind of fakester I have seen they say because of the situation they are not able to stay together cowards.So if you are able to live with that person forever and support dn fall in love other wise say in beginning itself say that we are very practical and not serious. So that when one leaves their will be no regrets and pain.

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