Constructive Work, Strong Nation

Posted by vfakshay
April 28, 2017

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The nation’s future always depends on the participation of the youth in Democracy. India being one of the most populous country comprises of more than 60 % youth. The youth of today is somewhat confused, youngsters are busy in deciding what ideology to follow, social media has become a platform to express your views openly.  Famous artist, Ashutosh Rana in a show at Sahitya Aaj Tak said, Desh Chalta Nhi, Machalta hai aur Mudda Hal Nhi Hota, Sirf Machalta hai, this lines truly defines the current situation of our Nation, Youngsters are fighting on Social Media, challenging each other on every topic, some issues which are not that important are also given weight unnecessarily, we are continuously busy in fighting with ourselves. There are many problems in our nation, there are very few who want to join the battle on Ground.

Who is ready to fight a battle against Drought in Maharashtra ?
Who is ready to fight a battle against Child Labour ?

There can be ‘n’ number of questions which are not yet thought of, Questions deserve only Opinions, Likes, Dislikes, Shares, & Comment which would give fire to it. We are doing the same thing as most of the news media channels do, we twist the posts on social media & draw unnecessary conclusions. This should be stopped.  If we have a look at the current situation, there are very few people who want to work on ground. Protesting on social media, sharing some posts is not going to help. The youngsters have to do something constructive, I am not opposing Social Media Platforms. but don’t misuse this platform to spread hatred among others. Gandhiji said, “It has always amazed me, how can one’s humiliation be someone’s honour.” Throwing stones on each other, proving that I am better than the other has become a practice for some youngsters, this chain is growing & all of us need to rethink. Should we all waste time in proving ourselves right, or do something constructive which will really help the nation.

Constructive work leads to a Strong Nation.

What is constructive work, Doing something which really helps any person directly or indirectly, empowers people, whatever may be the numbers is constructive work. Helping the unprivileged kids in education, health, or any other field. Students can help in Basic Education, Engineers in Skill Development, Doctors in Medical Aid. There are many fields, & there are people from this versatile fields. The need of hour is to unite & work for the society in an effective way. There are many Problem Statements, we need to define them well, understand them, & find solutions. This can happen on social media, if we focus more on ideas & less on opinions, it is possible. New ideas can be experimented, & if they are helping in changing situations, they can be adopted widely.

In a democracy, people should empower themselves, & support the people who are taking an initiative to change things.
Those who are throwing stones at each other, can keep going.
There are people who pick up these stones to Construct Monuments of development.


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