Dalhousie Diaries – A Story That Has To Be Read

Posted by Shashank Srivastav
April 24, 2017

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I’m Shashank Srivastav, 24 year young aspiring writer and a wannabe storyteller. Basically I’m also belongs to group of people who have done something like Engineering and regular 9-5 job(s) but later the instinct of doing something beyond realizes me that ‘what should I do rather what I’m doing’.

‘Dalhousie Diaries’ is my first attempt to achieve to do what should I actually do. Dalhousie Diaries, a Hindi language fictional novel publishing by Authors’Ink Publication and releasing next month is a story of few unnamed peoples. It has a 55 year old postmaster and 20 year young girl, and a relation they bond, with a emotion of relation that a reader will decide for their relation and make an impression out of it. Usually be everyone says that ‘My work is different’ ‘An out-of-the-box’, mine is not but the feeling of reading it will be different, something which have never read nor written.

Many people have asked me that why I’ve written this (and my very first attempt) in Hindi language, and I believe that they’re obvious. English is the most successful language as far the book market concerns in our Hindi nation.  But as my story says to feel different, I wanted to make it different and I written it primarily in Hindi language so I can reach to those readers who actually wanted to read in their own language.

Dalhousie Diaries Cover

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