This Flash Mob In Delhi Shattered LGBTQ Stereotypes Through Dance & Drum Beats

Posted by Abhishek Saini in Art, LGBT+, LGBTQ
April 19, 2017

It wasn’t just another Saturday evening at Hauz Khas Village for the Delhiites who went about their weekend activities, be it enjoying EDM at a cafe or hanging out with friends. There was a surprise waiting for them – a flash mob by members of the LGBTQ community! The mob danced to dhol beats as curious passers-by looked on.

The video above perfectly captures the essence of the event. It covers the joy, the emotions, the courage, and most importantly, the pride of all the participants of this spontaneous dance. There was even a beautiful proposal during the dance that will definitely melt your heart.

The performance was followed by a freeze mob, as the members held up placards with messages like ‘I am gay and I don’t like shopping‘, ‘I am gay and I love sports‘, and ‘We are a couple, we both are ‘man’ in this relationship‘.

Aimed at breaking stereotypes commonly associated with the community, the messages ranged from the quirky:

To the direct:

With straight allies joining in with their own messages.

Dance for pride was a courageous and creative way of making a bold statement. While the dhols kept it fun-filled, the placards conveyed powerful, stereotype-smashing messages. As one of the participants expressed on camera:“There are not many events in India, other than Pride, when we can come down on streets and talk about our sexuality.”