Dark Is Beautiful

Posted by Febin Sharafudeen
April 26, 2017

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Yes, being dark can be beautiful. India is a place where we some are doubly discriminated; on the bases of caste and on the bases of their skin colour. Caste is discriminated by the society whereas race is by birth. Its not our mistake for being dark. But society thinks that being dark is not acceptable . I still remember, as a kid for a school drama some of my classmates didnt allow me to play the role of an angel. The reason ? Because the dark skinned girl cannot be the angel or the main character. It would be always the fair kid. The dark skinned kids, including me were desperate to be an angel in a drama at least once. Because of our skin, we were alienated !
Another incident, a classmate of mine never spoke to me and always teased and ignored me whenever she got a chance. Once I asked her why she always did that to me, the reason she gave was becauseI’m not “fair” and suggested to apply ‘Fair and Lovely’. I did accept her suggestion to be friends with her. As a child, it was always a challenge for me to survive with this skin colour.
After getting into college a friend of mine asked me how I had lived all this time with this colour and suggested to scrub my skin everyday. She thought I was covered in dirt. But in reality, it is not my skin but the minds of people like her that are covered in dirt. When you scrub and clear your mind you would realise how beautiful dark skin is.
The other problem I faced as a dark skinned girl was the doubts of some sadist friends . If you are the only one who’s dark from your family they would ask if”are you adopted ?” Is that your own sibling? So on and so forth. But I survived among these people.And I will survive with this beautiful skin. I realised one day that I should be proud of my skin and shouldn’t listen to these idiots. From that day onwards I felt that I too have a very beautiful, healthy skin and I’m proud of it. They say, smile is the most beautiful ornament for a woman and if you keep smiling you will be the most beautiful woman. Now no one dares to speak about my skin colour in front of me. Because when they see my confidence and my smile, they forget that they are talking to ‘a-not-so-fair’ girl. So, my dear, whatever colour you are, don’t be ashamed. Be confident and proud of it and don’t bother about it . Yes we all are beautiful😊.
Recently I got a proposal and the guy’s mother called my mother and enquired about me. Firstly, she wanted to know about what my colour is. When my mother said I’m not fair she wants to know out of 10 how much would she rate me.!!! Well I hate to admit, but this happens only in India. People, if you are allergic to dark skin its okay. But we are cool with it because we naturally have a healthier and a sexier skin tone .Its not our mistake that we were born dark. Its not our narrowness to be born in this society and to blamed for our colour. So grow up people! Be colour blind when it comes to skin colour !

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