Dear men, here’s why you have no right to police a women’s body

Posted by Uditi Mahindra
April 10, 2017

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The fact of the matter is -men in our culture have been conditioned to believe that they have the supreme right to judge and give their ‘valuable’ opinions on a woman’s body.
Not all men buy into this of course, but many do.
Some just seem to be incapable of entertaining the notion not everything women do with their bodies is for the gratification of the male gaze.
An evident proof of this is men’s response to women experimenting with their appearances is often like, “Girls with makeup are so damn fake”, “But I actually like women on the plus side, if you know what I mean.” and “Real men like women with curves”.
What they fail to realize is that their opinions on the matter cannot outweigh a woman’s individual choice.
On the other hand, girls, from a tender age, have been taught that the supreme approvers of their bodies are men, also anything and everything they do to their bodies is or should be to please men.
Scroll the pages of a typical women’s website, and articles like ‘What he wants you to wear’, and “These men reveal what they want their girl to look like” are way too common.
While men have harshly judged our appearances, haven’t many of us have grown up being told by our aunts, mothers and grandmothers that we will never get a husband, unless we do X or lose weight from Y, unless we trim/shave/hide/paint/cover up/even surgically alter this or that?
This is what has led to a society, in which when a woman wears revealing clothes, it is okay for people to judge her, slut shame her and assume she just wants to attract a bunch of guys.
Because why else would a girl rock her favourite LBD, if not for men to stare at and letting her have the “honour” of being complimented by them?
It cannot possibly have anything to with the fact that it is hot outside, it is comfortable, or everything else is in the laundry, or maybe the simple fact that she likes it, can it?
At the end, what really happens is that many men, even kind and well-educated men, believe, however subconsciously, that women’s bodies are for their pleasure. For them to look at, pass their judgements and bless with a compliment if they wish to do so.
Dear men, Lemme get something clear. You are not the centre of the universe. Nope.
Women’s bodies are for them to enjoy, pleasure, take pride in, love, accept, explore, experiment with or hide as they please. Period.

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