In India, Good Marks + Good Institute + Good Salary + Good Status = Approval

Posted by Mr.X Says in Education, Society
April 19, 2017

India undoubtedly is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. But unfortunately, there are certain undying stereotypes and mentalities of the Indian people that has let a wave of depression and mental illness amongst the youth of our society.

We all have witnessed one thing  – “Engineering and medical are the most professional and noble courses you can do to gain good status in society and a good rishta to get married”.

Personally, I have reached a point where I don’t give a f***, not just about “society kay chaar log kya kehengay” (what will the people of society say) but also about the pathetic Indian education system.

Our parents, who are very much concerned about our education and want us to lead a better life, should understand one thing that it doesn’t matter what course we choose, what matters is how well we know our course and how well we understand our needs and deeds.

My neighbors, my aunt and uncle, have admitted their young kids to Narayan institutions, why?

Because they train your kids and brainwash them into believing that the only thing that matters is to get into premier government institutes.

It doesn’t matter how irresponsible your kid is or how ill-behaved he/she is or how uncivilized he/she is. Because in India good marks + good institute + good salary + good status = approval to live in Indian society.

Dear parents, from the start of your day, you read newspapers which is produced by renowned journalists, writers, reporters, cameramen, but not engineers or doctors.

Then you drink tea, discovered by some Chinese rulers, prepared and made by cooks, but not by engineers or doctors.

Then, you watch TV for entertainment, made by an engineer no doubt, but converted into a successful entertainment industry by artists, businessmen, but again, not by engineers or doctors.

We all agree that engineers and doctors are essential, but just imagine the world full of doctors and engineers, then who will entertain you?

Who will protect your borders? Who will fight your legal cases? Who will play for your country? Who will run and make your government? Who will build your houses? Who will clean the roads? Who will sell and deliver goods to you? Who will fix your pipelines? etc.

Dear Dad, it’s absolutely fine and normal “agar sharma ji kay ladkay nay top kiya, ya ussay Google mai job milli’ (if Sharma ji’s son tops his class or gets a job with Google), but this doesn’t mean that I have no calibre.

It’s simple, a Lamborghini is a supercar and nothing can beat it on the race track, but it cannot be compared with the Maruti 800 as Lambhorgini cannot beat it in terms of a passenger car.

Arnab Goswami is a legend in his field, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the god in his field, Shahrukh Khan, Nawazudin Siddiqui, Randeep Hooda and much more are legends in their field and last but not the least Elon Musk the unbeatable master in his world.

The only thing common among all legends is only one thing, that they all followed their passion and not the aims and dreams set by their society they lived in or their parent’s plans set for them.

Dear society, parents and coaching institutes, most of us are pursuing medical/engineering for the sake of our parents, not for the sake of the development of the nation.

Because the way you are treating us, we are in a state of dilemma where we ourselves cannot figure out that what we really want to become even after being a successful engineer or a doctor.

Most of us will be lost just in order to find the fact that what we actually want and what our true passion actually is.

Thank you to the chaar log (four people) of the Indian society for brainwashing us and making our lives more miserable.

Thank you to the great Indian society, we are dumbfounded by your contribution.