Delhi School Bars Rape Survivor From Attending Classes, Says Will Bring ‘Bad Name’

Parents of a rape survivor have alleged that a private school in Delhi, where their child was studying, asked them not to send her to school because it would bring a ‘bad name’ to the institution.

The matter came to light when the parents approached the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) with their problem. The DCW has now issued a notice to the education department, based on the parents’ complaint.

In their accusation, the parents said the school has laid a condition that the survivor will be admitted to class XI only if she stops coming to school.

The parents of the student have said that some men allegedly kidnapped, raped, and threw the student out of a moving car a few months ago.

The parents say that the child had been studying in the school until class X. When the student sought admission to the same school in class XI, the school allegedly said that the survivor would bring a “bad name” to it.

The parents also alleged that the school administration has been harassing the girl so that she quits on her own, and claimed that the principal is not allowing the survivor’s friends to sit next to her.

“They have reported that the principal said they should remove their daughter from the school and enrol her in a new one, saying the girl is bringing a bad name to the school,” the DCW officials said.

“The school has told the parents that the administration would not take responsibility for the safety of the girl and she will not be able to use the school bus like earlier if she accepts the condition and takes admission,” Swati Maliwal, the DCW chief, said.

“The girl is being punished for no fault of hers. This is a very embarrassing and unacceptable matter in today’s world,” she added.

The DCW has sought a reply from the education department within 5 days.

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