Demonetisation- A Decision (lesson For Youth)

Posted by Dilesh Jain
April 1, 2017

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One decision is good for someone and at that same time bad for someone.May be you are thinking how it is possible but let me give you live example which is demonetisation of currency.The person who does not have much money is happy but at that same time person does have much money is in panic.One thing you might be observing same decision is people of India are accepting without any excuses just for revolution in their country but opposition parties are not ready to accepting it.
This decision is very understandable for everyone because if anyone use his common sense he can understand it is first step to curb the black money,terrorism etc.But this is our bad luck our opposition parties are not ready to understand or may be they do not want to use their common sense.People are suffering from problems but still they are supporting the decision because they are looking some good in this decision but why opposition parties are not able to see the merits of the decision.Yes I agree,every decision has it’s own demerits but now let’s welcome the merits.
The youth of India can take some inspiration from current condition.The PM has taken brave decision for the future India but how opposition are trying to stop him but he is still standing with his decision because he believes decision is right for the country.Same thing happens in real life with everyone.When we take decision but due to some oppose action we roll back our decision still we know that decision is right for ourselves.By this note ban scenario youth can understand if your decision is right then be stand with your decision and beat the opposition actions.Now a days opposition parties are trying to grimy or filthy the image of PM Modi which is 100% speckless image.But opposition should understand original never dies fake ever lies,cries and finally dies.
If we all Indians welcome this decision because then this step will give courage to the PM of India to take strong and strict decision against the black money,corruption etc.
Now a days opposition parties are not crying on demonetisation because now they have new scenarios like invalid slaughter house,anti Romeo squad etc.Now they can’t speak on it because they demolished in recent elections like U.P.,Uttarakhand etc.
“The thing is what a youth can learn from this decision and PM Modi is that, if you do anything people will speak like anything but if you know you are right and your intentions are clear then you should stand on your decision and keep silence and let’s your success make noise,and we should not care about them because they have mouth and they will speak till the death,so lesson is keep calm and focus on your work.”

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