DEMONETIZATION -An Economical Change or A More of Behavioral

Posted by Vishal Ranjan
April 5, 2017

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The oxford dictionary defines demonetization as deprive (a coin or precious metal) of its status as money, the common man defines it as a reason to ques outside the ATM’s and banks. The Pro-Modi group defines it as surgical strike on black money. The anti-modi group defines it as mis- management of decision and not so respected by Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen quotes the scenario as, “only an authoritarian government can calmly cause such misery to the people with millions of innocent people being deprived of their money and being subjected to suffering, inconvenience and indignity in trying to get their own money.
Whatever demonetization may have been defined above and have taken different meanings according to convenience. The point is, it’s decision regarding common man who freaking struggles every day and struggled while the rich were swiping it up. A common man is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has. I came across many people in the long ques and observed a lot of them during the period I was a part of the line. I made some friends, included few girls demonetization was a help because we all were on same boat.2-3 hours standing in a line you can’t ignore pretty faces, won’t you. We all know the lines on the song,
” रिश्वत देना तो खुद पापा ने सिखाया”. Now even the dads are afraid, that’s demonetization for you, ladies and gentleman.
So here are the stories I came across the demonetization and cleared my views regarding it. Everyone can relate to it.
I remember, when I was in CPS (my school), we had this bizarre tradition of class wise assembly. I was among the updated whenever an emergency striked our class I would be the one called upon to read the news. In order to coup-up with emergency I would read newspaper patiently every day. I was class 6-7, when I got to know that even CRORES are in thousands and special thanks to Madhu Koda for his deeds. For many this thousand crores stuff may be easy thing but for me it was a big deal reason being is my incompatibility with digits. Kids, the future of our nation as we call, are presently aware of loop holes of the system because they are taught by society to deal this away but such a move as demonetization made them realize that a system is ever changing in a country like ours .A wrong deed is meant to be punished may be sooner or later but it’s meant to be. After the news got aired, the news channels, filled with debates, picture analysis, over enthusiastic predictions. Some kids of class 7-8 in my nearby houses in the evening came to me and asked, “Why is demonetization such an important move when it’s already troubling so many. For once I was struck, why the kids who ask me more of GTA kids and update me with latest games and don’t take part in outdoor game asking me such a serious stuff. These kids treat world as Gta where they would run over everyone and escape it using cheat codes, but that’s ain’t reality. Salman Bhai is exception whatsoever. I explained them the disadvantages and the sufferings they would have to pay for a deed if they be a part of it.To live with dignity, you must held nation’s pride and be a responsible citizen. I suggested them.
#COMMON MAN The term defines as the lower middle class, who are deprived monthly household (according to me).
The term common is never justified to me, when every individual is different and his demands are different, his feelings are different .why do we bind them with single word “common”, just because they fall in the same intake and expenditure criteria.
        I have been to banks and being part of the crowd. I realised, which I always knew that the common people had no problem at all. They are ever adjusting. We stand in ques for party, lines for tirupathi and siddhivinayak are always famous. It’s all the same, the motive is different. There it’s for soul’s freshness and now it’s for Nation’s. The upper class and swipe class pro were most impatient and uncool that’s my observation and my experience. They have been comforted by Ac’s and here the heat was turning them up. Its irony though  that the Ac class were once a part of heating queue in their struggles but once they reach there they leave back their struggles.
In my school days. I was cricket captain and being the captain I had to report earliest in the morning and mornings being chilling and bathing a compulsory routine by mom no matter what season it it.i would be late by 5-6 minutes. Realizing this, if I am late, why would team come on I thought of taking lifts to some distances and save few minutes, whenever I asked for lift on anyone on bicycle .I was always given the lift it’s still 100% case of on with bikes it fall to 35-55% chances (in cases they would change the way, my destination was still close to their turning but their refusal would be harsh).we people when we have all the resources forget our struggles. I still have friends who always drive back with unknown strangers on their backseat.Vibhor, Aman, Ankit,Amit infact a lot of the guys I know. The rich who lift up their roots, dry up and fall back to the ground, that’s how things go it.The common (my common) are always co-operative. They seek hope after an interval of 5 years though it’s shattered many times but they still hope and that makes them common and different.
Earlier me and my school friends used to have bhunja after tuition. Our parties used to be very loose and within our budget. We grew and our pockets tightened slightly better. Friends being the same the party which were once fixed to Rs 25 only came to Rs 150,if the no heads increase it adds up but after the demonetization when we meet we were back to two digit figure and combing everyone’s contribution it came around Rs 50 and we went back to basics and initial days felt amazing. My mother who believes in more of a cash and distrust online transaction .finally began shopping and learnt swiping. Neighbors are turning good because the basic need is the same.
The piggy banks which were earlier scoffed as an infant pastime is now the main source of family survivor for little.
The auto rickshaw drivers were amazing all these days, who understood the pain and didn’t question much when paid in less than what they deserve for the distance.
  Demonetization is a change in thought process where people are believing that a change is supposed to come and the change is not an economical rather a more of behavioral. People with good initiatives are turning up and taking party in the process. It’s a change for the future who will remember us as a part of change and we stood for a better and corruption free world with equal and deserving people  given a fare chance.

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