Depression In India And Overcoming It: A Call To Action

Posted by Arindam Das
April 9, 2017

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While YKA’s campaign #LetsTalk has actually been launched FOR US ALL TO TALK ABOUT DEPRESSION, there is still doubt regarding how many of us would finally open up about it. Now I may sound a bit too frank for I just mentioned — US ALL– that means, at times we all get more or less depressed in life; and admit it or not, that is the reality. We have to face it. We have to talk about it. We have to get over it. Those of us who may not admit themselves of suffering from depression can control their feelings in a more manageable way while those who cannot control their feelings get eaten up by them. At its severity, just when they resolve to finally consult a therapist, the thought of being labeled as ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ terrifies them and they withdraw. I am talking about those of us.

What Is Depression?

According to WebMD, “when feelings of intense sadness — including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless — last for many days to weeks and keeps us from functioning normally, that may very well be clinical depression” — and what is important to know is that it is “a treatable medical condition”. So, before the problems get worse, it is advisable to visit a psychotherapist.

It is easier said than done, right? Yes, considering the shame and taboo around depression in our country, maybe it is easier said. But it is estimated from a recent National Mental Health Survey (2015-16) that over 56 million Indians are silently suffering from depression — i.e., helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness (do I sound familiar?) — and I am also one of them, but I am not silent. I admit it! So, why can’t you? Why don’t we all admit it? Why don’t we all talk about it and share our problems and experiences? The number of sufferers has constantly been growing just because we don’t admit it, talk about it, or even do anything to keep those feelings away; just because we haven’t been taught how to admit, because our parents, teachers, and elders are also prey to depression and they don’t admit it themselves, and the list goes on.

SO, WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. We have to admit like “Yes, I do! I am suffering from depression“. First, we have to try our best to stay away from those feelings by keeping ourselves busy with creative chores, positive thinking, and meditation and get help from a therapist if necessary. WE HAVE TO BE THE FORERUNNERS. We have to show others and our next generations the way. Most importantly, WE HAVE TO LEARN TO CONTROL OUR FEELINGS AND NOT LET OUR FEELINGS CONTROL US.

We all should know that life is a journey, it has its ups and downs just like a path, and we have to get over all what comes across the way. If depression does challenge us, we just have to laugh and take it as a motivation to LEAD our lives to the destination we ever dreamed of. WE HAVE TO STAY CALM AND COMPOSED ALWAYS, EVEN IN TIMES OF CRISIS IN OUR LIVES. WE HAVE TO MAKE WISE DECISIONS. Only then could we live our lives to the fullest and die well.

Once again, getting depressed or suffering from severe depression is nothing new. It is natural. We all have it inside. Now, OUR JOB IS TO JUST STAY RELAXED AND HAPPY, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, and GET HELP FROM A THERAPIST (WITHOUT ANY HESITATION) BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Always remember we are here to enjoy the journey called ‘life’. So, LET’S TALK!

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