Depression Is Not A Trivial.

Posted by Anushree Sanyal
April 7, 2017

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I’ve read more number of articles on symptoms and awareness of depression than ways to get over it. It is simply because a person going through depression and extreme anxiety is made to believe that it’s just an illusion or brooding over something unseen. That something unseen actually kills the person every night, it chokes him/her whenever they try to lead a normal life pushing the fear of going to the same pit again somewhere at the back of their mind, but it keeps coming back. Depression is not any illness which requires surgeries and  heavy machines to get rid off it, it simply requires care and affection which seems a lot to the person suffering from depression. The thought of suffering from extreme anxiety itself makes the person anxious of what people around her might think it to be, a mental illness that needs medicines or an illusion. But it needs none. The only way to fight depression is by showing love and care to the person suffering from it.

And for everyone going through acute depression and anxiety, don’t consider other’s words and ignore your health. There has been days, where you didn’t feel like leaving the bed or to even fetch a bottle of water from the fridge, you lost your appetite, you lost the meaning of life. There has been visible deterioration in your physical state too, which is observed by everyone except you. But everyone remains dismayed as they fail to find the reason for such a deterioration. Your parents, they try hard to consult every possible doctor for the abnormal loss in your hair, for the abnormal loss in your weight and appetite, they scold you for your laziness, the indigestion problem that you go through and the sudden increase of your blood pressure. But all in vain, because the illness lies in your brain which is affecting the functioning of the whole body. You don’t sleep for nights and can’t open your eyes during daytime. You fall asleep wherever you want to and still wake up tired with swollen eyes.

This is the time, wake up and force yourself to get out bed, it’s going to be hard, very hard. But you have to survive. Depression is the most painful battles with one’s self and you’ve to make yourself proud by winning it. Go out and meet new people, engage yourself in something productive, make true friends, cry with them, laugh with them, make mistakes and rise up again. Show the world its failure to shatter you, show it that you were devasted temporarily, but the strong person you created out of it, is eternal.

Demons are always powerful and that’s why they are termed as Demons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t win over them. We’ve heard several stories since our childhood of uneven matches between a trained person and an amateur, and in every story the amateur won despite of their uneven strength. He won because of his will power, so can you. You might lose one or twice, but you’ve to get up and fight again until the ball is in your court. You’ve to kill the demon. Losing once or twice isn’t failure, but choosing not to fight again is. You’ve to consider your motive and will power more powerful in order to beat the demon.

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