Depression Kills.. We Are Born To Live !!” #letstalk

Posted by Garima Bhatt
April 5, 2017

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#ArjunBhardwaj #SuicideVideo was the most disturbing thing I’ve evidenced till now. Hence I am writing this open letter to all those who were, are or will be depressed in their lifetime.
I don’t know what must #ArjunBhardawj’s parents must be going through. 24 year boy ends his life peacefully with a tutorial behind to inspire others to do the same if nothing works in their life. How Disgusting!!!

I totally agree that Life is not as beautiful the way it appears on the timeline of insta or FB. I know we look much more ugly than we appear in our selfies or DP than others. There is no instant beautifying effect available to rectify the loopholes of life. But still we breathe in & out. We servive.

I believe our parents & we share a Big generation gap. A distance which can’t be filled in our lifetime. They just know the nagging & shouting therapy. Our friends better understand our emotional struggle. But unfortunately they are equally unexperienced so not so reliable. Still it’s easy to follow them blindly.

A shot of tequila does not mean drunk dude. It’s absolutely Ok to smoke or indulge few Puffs of narcotics. It’s easy way to burn those unwanted worries. हर फिक्र को धुवेमें उडता चला गया.. that’s called an attitude man !! Well…. Everyone wants​ everything to happen the way they want. Either My way or No way. Never either way.

I desperately want to share one thing with you all. While returning my way home I always come across rash bikers racing bike whenever I am driving patiently on my way in traffic. May be It’s thrilling​!! Speed is enchanting & Moreover everyone wants to go ahead. So speeding is must !!

But that race is never ending. The more you go ahead, more are the compitetors. Rather at times you leave your Destination behind and end up landing nowhere. You have to slow down and push the break hard to stop the vehicle.
Life demands break at times.

Slow down, lose the rat race, bcoz not everyone is perfect and same. You are unique and precious gift of your parents. Though they yell at you for no reason they work just like the horn of a car. Why do you bang your horn in traffic chasing a signal ? Where you know there is no way for the next car to move ahead, you also don’t want to miss the green signal & you also know this is not the only signal. Still You keep banging horn until you overtake or cross the signal. Because you are desperate to reach your Destination.

Your parents also want you to reach out your goal. They stretch their abilities for your better future. Because they don’t want you to see the red signal ever. Is it not ok to keep bombarding few motivational dialogues at you when you seem too lethargic to them.

This suicide incidence really highlights the importance of family in our life. That boy was away from his home in a metro city, where everyone is just running behind time and money but not relationships. Probably his parents could have noticed his depression… Loneliness kills first & then Death follows.

I feel you must carve these sentences on your mind. I really want you guys to revise them…

1) Please start talking with your loved ones if you feel low. They might come up with better suggestions.
2) Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh often.
3) Learn from others mistakes. Nobody is faultless. Commit your own as well. Keep learning. Life is too short to talk about.. so just  experiment.
4) Utilise every single moment gracefully. Create your own style statement rather than following others. Be your own biggest fan. Stop comparing.
5) Let family come first before friends or make friends your family.
6) If nothing is working then something is definitely going wrong. Think positively & Analyze. No nut is hard to crack.. may be you are not really pushing hard to crack it.
7) You set your own limitations. Everyday break the one. Then sky is the limit.
8) Living is a choice but​ Death is inevitable. Choose wisely with whom you want to be surrounded with.
9) Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking is not a solution to destress. Stop cherishing the fantasy. It’s a real world & every problem comes with an ultimate solution. Be patient.
10) Remember.. Life Never gives second chance. Live it to the fullest.

Stay blessed guys.

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