Posted by Kakul A. Khan
April 23, 2017

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Depression the word itself creates vibes of pressure. Depression is something that starts with in your body attacking your physical as well as mental being it surely has symptoms right from very beggining. But unlike with other diseases we do not take it seriously and have an ignoring behaviour towards it.

The very first symptom of depression is silence , yes strange but it is true people stop talking and consequently they do not like listening and ultimately they start to stay alone for long hours.

Changes in the behaviour of person like getting impulsive,irritation,angry,bad eating are such symptoms that we think are very normal from a regular routine point but it is not.

According to my opinion depression is not that big disease that it seems and how it is shown these days. Depression can be easily treated at home with family ,friends  and with a very cheap medicine called love. Yeah love as in,be patient infront of the person listen to him,ask his problems his anxieties ,what irritates him what will give him relief. Show some extra care let him cry out loud and let him vent all his pain ask him to indulge in activities, do not burden anything let him pursue his interests hobbies,these are certain steps that family can take to curb the peoblem from increasing.

If the problem is on second level and a doctor is required do not create a big deal out of it. It is as simple as we are going for regular chekups dont believe that person is getting mental because it’s the atmosphere that will have significant postive or negative contribution. So keep it easy and calm and have faith in your positive instincts and also keep encouraging that person, rememeber law of attraction always work in all situations of life, if you feel you are going to recover you will recover from any thing but you feel you wont you can die with a mere cold.

Since it’s a problem related with your mental health majorily so treat it with psychological medicines first threpies,counselling will help in fast recovery. Let us all take initiatives to create awareness about it and people should understand that depression is not something that one should feel inferior for.

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