Discrimination In Society

Posted by Shagun
April 4, 2017

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We are living in 21st century where everyone is educated, even we use to say we are living in a modern society but we can see after so much of education we are still into the system of discrimination i.e Hindu/Muslim/christian/sikh in this religion also there are General/OBC/SC/ST then this is not end further there is division Upperclass/Middleclass/Lowerclass also there is Male/Female.Why we the society not say that we are “HUMANS” we are the “INDIVIDUALS”. Why there is discrimination??????

It sounds good when you are saying that we believe in all religion and when it comes to become friends with other religion or caste or category then you are wrong and this is not enough when someone thought of inter caste or inter religion marriage then its like you have committed a crime.

I have seen individuals committing suicides only because of  this reason of inter caste & inter religion arguments.This is just because what the family thinks is that “KYA KAHENGE SOCIETY WALE”, “KYA KAHENGE RISHTEDAR”.

Why we cant mention only “HUMANS” in the  religion column of the ID cards, why only Nationality is not enough on the ID cards, why there is a need to write the community or religion in filling any of the forms.

Why we “THE YOUTH” cant remove these discriminations from the society.Why the coming generation should suffer?



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