Do We Really Love ?

Posted by Saif Rahman
April 18, 2017

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Whatever We watch in the movies or We read in the novels.
Is it really the perfect meaning of love ???
Obviously sometimes it is quite fictitious.
Everyone is having their own definition of love.
There is always a wide version of it which we never want to feel or we are not so fortunate to feel it. Only few are lucky to cherish the fullest form of love otherwise most of us only experience the abbreviation of it.
When we start our day with rising sun, chirping birds and blooming flowers. We just try to hold this feeling into our soul. It is also a form of love. Sometimes it can be felt in every small things.
Love doesn’t mean to marry or to spend a whole life with someone. It is a pleasant feeling which will always be with you.
Love the people spiritually,unconditionally without any expectations. Never let them know that their presence is always in your silent prayer. If we expect anything in return in love means it is doing a some sort of business. Our absence can also be a reason of love if there is no meaning of your presence.
I have heard that people say love is poignant but believe me things are never as bad as it seems to be.
Otherwise,God would never give anything to us which is not so precious.
Definitely, it is precious feeling and only few are lucky to have it.
It is easy to take off our clothes. People do it all time in love. But opening up our soul to someone,letting them into our spirit, thoughts,fears,future,hopes and dreams. Honestly,it is always too difficult. At one point in our life if someone ask what the good and what the worst things happened in your life.
We have always a one answer of both.
Love !!!


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