Do You Feel Comfortable With Discussing Your Failure? Generally Not. It Is An Illusion.

Posted by Sharique Siddique
April 12, 2017

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Often “failure” is taken negatively and considered a weakness when in fact it means you are producing, you are growing and Insights come with it. You kill creativity and innovation by not allowing yourself – and your team – to fail and possibly remain in a rut with no improvement.

The challenge is that failure might be a great teacher, but it is also a cryptic one. Figuring out its lessons is no easy task, especially when we’re still nursing a bruised ego and swimming in frustration, disappointment, and demoralization. Not to mention the occasional embarrassment, resentment, and hopelessness.

In order to learn from our failures, we need a way to decode the “teachable moments” hidden within them. We need a method for deducing what exactly those lessons are and how they can improve our chances of growth and future success.

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