Don’t Go Through The Agony Alone. Come, Let’s Talk.

Posted by Shereen Mir
April 10, 2017

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Depression, my archrival. It strikes me at the most unexpected times, and I’m left battling for survival.

I could be cozied up on bed, having my favourite mocha to relieve the headache, when this demon rises from under the bed and tries to envelop me like smoke. The thoughts it fills my mind with… It is exhausting, the ordeal.

I could be having a hot shower after a hectic day at work, and it slides underneath the door, diffuses in the room. It scorns my loneliness; it teases me with screeches inside my mind and my heartbeat turns into a hammer inside the chest. It is suffocating, the struggle.

Some day, I could be painting, writing a poem, or even strolling for a break… and *bam* here it appears, in the form of unpleasant paint blots, smudged scribbles and blankness of mind. This way, it ruins my interest and willingness to take up any activity to keep myself engaged. It is terribly frustrating, the helplessness.
It doesn’t let me do anything to escape its wrath. Ah, depression.
• • •
What if one day, we decide to share our situation with someone reliable?
What if, we choose to be open about the problem, instead of bottling it up inside ourselves?
What if, we take a stand, and help others like us?

Maybe together, we can prevent this evil from causing more harm; we can support each other, hear stories of strength and rise back from the ashes of Depression.

So come, #letstalk .

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