Emergence Of Racism

Posted by parvaizvar36
April 10, 2017

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                             Emergence of racism


The muslim community is a global community of diversity and colour, we are taught to except every muslim (non Muslim) with complete disregard to their color nationality and ethicinity
Today we can find Muslims in every corner of the world, some of them are born Muslims, while others have converted/reverted to Islam. Given the global nature of Islam, it is clear that Muslims will come in all colors, shapes and sizes, as well as having different cultures and understandings of Islam. Racial hate often is hidden in stereotypes, and manifests itself through modes of identification that are used to establish communication and relationships with the ‘other’. In most cases it is unconscious, in the sense that, one is not always aware that they are evoking a vocabulary and tropes, which cause offense and in some cases leave a psychic scare on the victim. By this I mean that the victim may develop a trauma that may have an adverse impact on his or her life.

To write about this very much concern the idea crossed my mind when one of my close mate pursuing   PhD revealed his unspeakable story.

Hey, what happened I enquired to him ,as he underwent a drastic change from an amiable and vibrant to pensive and sick person. it was reflected by his countenance expression ,by outer appearance reddish apple is a person but inwardly has a fact of perpetual crumbling disease which bites every bit of you cancer of love  of what I am suffering he revealed after an insist push by me’ what’…I burst into laughter .yes parvaiz I love a girl she does same and suddenly you receive a call and alluring you to her marriage function .her caste syed (peer) and mine zamindar is what burn the the bridge and build gulf.

Islam gives right to every individual to choose their other half but in current times we witness different scenario such relations hardly end up in marriages cause of caste variation.

The girl he dreamed as his other half is soon to be wedded to some other person .she is involuntary marrying under family force. The  issue  is entirely caste based. The  somewhat  racism is sprouting in our belief .does such marriages work ? ten years down the line they should not reveal each other that I was forced to marry you .such things only bring destruction to fragile relations .its high time to respect their decisions else they may end up blaming their parents .by doing so we are depriving them of religious and human rights we should protest and pitch against this curse in disguise.  The issue of inter-Muslim racism can no longer be brushed underneath the carpet, in the hope that it will somehow disappear. Everyday there are more and more people embracing Islam but Muslims need to ask themselves what kind of community are they coming into.

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