Encouraging Women In A Male Dominant World

Posted by Shreya Mrigen
April 23, 2017

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We say that our country and world in all is inclining towards feminism and doing for it’s cause. But that is not the real scenario. Yes, there are women getting education more compared to earlier days and the condition has probably improved to an extent. But the problem that has been taken care of till now is just like the tip of an iceberg. A lot more needs to be changed and talked about.

Women, as are getting education further go on to take up jobs in companies which are all male dominant. A place where it’s very important that female members feel comfortable. But the reality is just it’s opposite. With the increasing number of female co-workers, only the opportunity for men to sexually harass them has increased. The kind of treatment that a women is given in any working sector makes it a lot more difficult for her to survive in it. In spite of all this, there is no voice coming up to properly eradicate such henous injustice done against these women.

The basic cause of it lies in the fact that men dominate the corporate world to such a great extent that there is not enough voice to support the cause for women. Such kind of harassment happens in so subtle manners at times that the ones on the doing end don’t even realise that there is something wrong with it. Starting from touching a women unnecessary without her will, to asking for actual sexual favours for money, job or position has become rampant in these places. Another thing that causes these cases to not prominently come into daylight is because of the taboo attached to a woman, with the sexual crimes done against her. In most parts of our country, girls have to face a lot of obstructions before they can actually take up a job and earn their living. In such a situation, it becomes practically impossible for them to risk their jobs and go against anyone in the company. In fear of being thrown out or being done any further harms, they surrender to subtle harassments which takes no time to turn into crimes as henous as rape. But the major problem that has caused voices against sexual harassment to come out is because of the society which we live in. The society which always and still tells it’s women to endure and paints a black image of a woman who has undergone such torture. Our society which claims to have moved towards feminism, but will still not utter a word against these corporates in greed of money and fear of power.

The only way to actually come out of this kind of harassment done towards a woman is by talking about the cause, which is evidently not possible in today’s scenario. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of those women who are at the top position in a company to see that no harm is being done to her fellow employees. Moreover stories of inspiring women who have attained big in life should write about their battles and how they survived it. When young women, aspiring to do great in their lives come to know about stories of others, only then can they take a stand for themselves and rise up higher in their life. Another appeal to all those men who work in a company with other female co-workers and stay mum even after seeing any kind of sexual act of assault done against a woman. To watch is an equally ruthless crime as to do it. When women and men with conscience come together to actually go ahead and bring out these talks in public, only then there is a chance to better the condition of women in these work places. These notions like “boys will be boys” and “girls should behave in a certain manner” should be thrown out from the mind of people. For a country to become feminist, it is important that all the women and men who are for it, come up and fight with the evils of sexual harassment. We, as young women want and deserve a place to work where we don’t fight everyday battles to survive and live peacefully.

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