Engineers have to be a programmer to get a job

Posted by Nitish Chaubey
April 25, 2017

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Every time i do a programming its like someone is pushing me to do it.This becomes an obvious case if you belong to tier 3 colleges in India.
Students join engineering colleges to get some practical skills which are not taught there(tier 3 colleges) and they end up learning programming languages because they are asked to learn irrespective of their branch to get a job that means if you belong to ECE branch then also you have to learn programming.This happens because very few core companies bother to come and recruit students from that institute(Tier-3).Students those were having interest in their branch tends to lose it finally and end up to become a poor programmer.I am also one of them and don’t wanted to become a programmer.

Let me show you what happens inside-

Colleges(tier 3)have to show (90-100)% placement to get more number of students.They ask every student to sit for IT companies.(with CSE/IT)students.Now suppose 150 0f 300 students get placed in every IT company which visited that Tier-3 college,now  rest 150 students are asked to sit for sale company  (sales,data entry jobs) which give very low package and hence by placing (90-100)% students which they claim(i don’t believe in it)they start marketing and take new admissions for the upcoming year.
So students have to chose programming whether they like it or not and end up by becoming a programmer.
Every thing has its consequences and in this case its pathetic.After joining the IT company they are trained and if they can not understand they are fired or they have to sit in the bench for a month or 2 with no work and even if they succeed in the first stage their life will be pathetic and they end up with depressions at the age of 25-30.
This is the scenario of engineering colleges in India.Very few go for GATE  and fewer qualify.
Choosing a career is individuals right so you must chose any field thinking about the consequences you have to bear.

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