Everything is fair for food and shelter #Nexalism#

Posted by alishaikh3310
April 5, 2017

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When it comes to ones food and shelter he does anything and everything that he could do.This is the situation of nexalists in our country we all know the reason behind nexalism but nobody wants to feed them.Our honourable supreme court has ordered killing in self defence legal because it knows one should have that freedom to save his own life so,what different nexalists do if they kill someone in their defence while collecting food for their families? Why are they called terrorists when they kill people? Isn’t it self defence? Yes,It is self defence because that killing is never intentional it is always to save their own lives.Their battle was never started with weapons and it was never ever started to take anybody’s life but they had to because it is natures rule that one has to die to keep one alive but humans were the one who changed the rule by generations but again we failed to maintain it .we failed because we became selfish we wanted to feed ourselves before anyone else and that selfishness became our biggest enemy.Today Nexalism became one of the biggest issue of our country we have to put more military force to stop them,to kill them but have you ever heard of them killing poor people? Atleast i didn’t .Today when we are living in 21st century in an independant country with developing nation we want our nation to be developed but we dont want them to expect the same in their lives,in their areas.We spend too much money in military force to secure that area but never spent the same amount in their development. Why there are people who can not even able to feed their families in nexal parts where the money is spent like anything in other parts of the same country? Every government makes plan for states but nobody has ever made plan for development in nexal parts. Yes there are less people in these parts but that does not mean they can be skip just for the sake of vote politics.The whole nation has to fight for nexalism because now days the idiology is turning to maoism which makes a huge difference and though people involved in it are our own people and it is our duty to pull them out of it.

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