Fall Of Inclusive Character In Indian DemocracY

Posted by Sanjeev Singh
April 8, 2017

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Rise of majoritarian govt. in indian politics under the umbrella of saffron colour & hindutava agenda is diluting the inclusive character of democracy.
‘First past the post system’ that works on the principle of candidate with large number of votes wins the election, Provides the dominant support in order to defeat the mass opinion & minority opinion can never be rational and inclusive , As it moves on roadmap of dominant views ie views of a powefull section of society, And it provide space to form hegemony.
Differences in ideas and views always worked as supplementary to democratic notions in india. However in todays era the hindutva politics is trying to crush the democratic decrom of indian politics by labeling the oppenent as Anti-national. Debates and dicussion are the main fabric of progressive society, And offcourse political differences and rivalaries adds to the progress of better society.
In the saffron era regime, if u are talking about the positive sides of govt. policies u are tagged as ” bhakts ” whereas if u are critical at any point then u are as “anti-national”, the level of intellectualism & critical theory had been defunt in such a way that academicians are taged as bhakts and anti-national for their arguements. And most interestingly if u are pro govt. at one point whereas critical at another point then u are taged as hypocrite.
The critics of govt. are encountered as criticsm to nation and thry are marked as traitors, As current regime govt is myopic representation of mass sentiments.
And major thing which need to be notices here is that the anti-intellectual and anti-rational sentiments defame the space of basic issues which act as pillars of progressive society.
The space of education in society is hampered in such a way that seats of Mphil and Phd in JNU is reduced massively. Eventhough the consent of masses in society is anti for the students protesting to revoke the same. And offcourse Media houses on the payroll of BJP is playing a major role in manufacturing the anti-students consent among the masses.
therefore its need of an hour to manufacture an alternative democracy enshirned with inclusive character. And end to this majoritarian nationalism, what ‘stuart hall’ called as authoritarian populism. Authoritarian populism is the ability to fuse disparate disenchantment arises from the crisis of economic develovment. Under the current ‘First past the posts system’ power never falls on the court of majority opinion, rather than captured by views of dominant section of society, As in Indian democracy BJP in 2014 election won with just merely 33% and opinion of 67% population had been rejected by FPTP system.

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