Five Problems With Social Media

Posted by rekhaparki
April 30, 2017

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With the advent of technology hailed the almighty Social Media. Social Media intended to connect with people and loved ones who are far away. But has it stayed true to its roots? Well I don’t think so. Gradually the social media is becoming a disease, causing umpteen amount of health and mental issues, especially younger generation is falling prey to it faster.
Now I am not all against social media, there are some pros to this but detrimentals of Social media are also not to be ignored. With the easier excess to internet. Although we are learning social communications on various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; not social skills, which includes communicating in person, understanding behaviors. Showing empathy. It’s a powerful tool for young generation, and we should learn how to use it and when to limit the uses.
1. Virtual World – Real Is Fake
Its a fact and let’s admit it that all of us including young and old alike has a smart phone, these phone has so much to offer than the real world we live in. Most often all of us are seen our heads dug deep in are beloved smart phones. We are lacking the ability to appreciate the beauty the nature has to offers, the appreciation happens only on social platforms. Our world revolves around ‘Likes’, ‘Tweets’ and ‘Selfies’. We are not living in the moment but in the pictures.
2. Body Image Concerns
Another big issue with this generation is that even 12 year kid is diet conscious. Every image or post shared on social platform are polished, touched and re-touched, we are unnecessarily posting beautiful pictures, sharing posts that are showing slim figured women, six packed men. This in return is causing body shaming and other traumas.
Many skills are not learnt on internet, for that we have to drag our body outside, to so some sports, we need not have to take pictures, showing how we exercise. To gain more knowledge, Google is not the only resource available to us, but I think books from library can do some healing to our mind, than the blue light piercing our eyes, which has hazardous affect on us. Socialising can also be done outside from virtual world.
3. Too Much Social Drama
Do you more often feel like opening your facebook just to check what your friends are upto in their life, what they are eating? what are they dressed in? where have they been? You are most likely to have FOMO( fear of missing out). Its a dangerous disease. Sometimes I also feel the same. Social media creates too much of drama, taking our precious time away from us.
4. Loneliness
Recently I read a study ( but of course online), a lonely person excessively feels to emote their feelings online with strangers. According to researchers in Wangga Wangga, pride of Australia’s eastern New South Wales, “more ‘lonely’ people disclosed their personal information”.
5. Cyber Bullying
Excessive texting and online surfing is leading to cyber bullying, Cyber Bullying or Cyber Harassment is using electronic media to send abusive, intimidating and threatening messages. This causes to an individual to go in depression, detachment from world, staying quiet and later can cause suicide.
It’s high time we know how much to use these platforms. Before it dooms us, lets enjoy the era of high speed internet and also enjoy spending time with family and friends in person. Talk about social issues, not through phones but face to face. This is the only way to health life and healthy mind.

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