Posted by NImisha Singh
April 3, 2017

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India gives new meaning to the phrase going down in flames. Because apparently, now we don’t know the difference between discipline and inappropriate touching.

For those of you who have no idea what is this in reference to, you can Google UP Warden Strip searches 70 girls for menstrual blood. Yeah, welcome to India where a stain of menstrual blood justifies the “bad touch”. Yes I used double quotations, because that’s how I pissed I am.

Can you fucking imagine being 12 years old and being asked by your warden to strip, to take off all your items of clothing so she can look into your genitals and see if your monthly biological function is the reason as to why there is blood stain in the fucking bathroom?

And that isn’t even the worst part, after being terminated for her actions, this lady, the warden , being defiant   said, “I still say what I did was right because I believe in cleanliness and discipline. These girls and the staff members of this school have united against me because they do not want a strict warden.”

No lady they would like a strict warden, but what they would not like is a psycho warden who wants to look at girl’s bodies.

Also since its India, there are no criminal ligations against her, as if somehow just losing her job is alright. Do you understand the ridiculous amount of emotional trauma the girls would have gone through? Jesus Christ. Do you understand for what sort of people strip searches are legal for? Convicts and smugglers. Not 12-16 year old girls.

I’m not going to start a petition, because not only is it lame but it doesn’t ever work. I’m not going to go on a candle march because I have a thing against flames. What I’m going to do is I’m going to wait.

Because everything else is out of my power. For all those of you who assume I am being hypocritical here, go on I don’t care, this blog is about spreading awareness because pretty much everything else is out of my hands.

There. Spread the awareness. And if you’re facing any similar situation where you aren’t feeling comfortable enough, speak up against it.

This is the 21st century, let’s start acting like it.

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