Foe Or Friend

Posted by generallocha
April 24, 2017

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Well,  I guess we have all wondered at some point whether the person we are chilling with is genuine or being deceptive and pretentious. I’m sure we have all had at least one bad experience. But you know what? Good for you. If they was no bad in this world, how would we value the good things? How would we value the good people without being with the bad ones? I have had many personal experiences and you may be able to relate to it. It started from play school itself, whether it was fighting over “who has the best drawing” or ” No he’s my friend”. I did not get along with girls even though I am a girl myself. I was more into playing football and beating people up. I gave bloody noses while other girls in my class played “son pari”. I never wore pretty pink dresses or clips like the other girls did so may be that is the reason why I never got along with them. As I grew up I lost more friends, whether because of an immature gossip or simply because I didn’t want to do the same things as others. I found my best friends in grade 11 and to be honest they support me till date. When I came to college, I made loads of friends. However, every semester I would lose a few and gain some. I realised that most of the people are with me because of social acceptance or because I always gave more than I received. I guess this is how oral sex also works haha. I hated staying by myself but today, I love it. Not because I’m introverted but because it’s not worth it to be around people with whom you can’t be yourself. You know what the best part is about being alone?you can sleep whenever you want to and you don’t need to share the cheesy pizza you just ordered from domino’s. I have a few guy friends here and they are always there for me. However, after losing most of my friends due to one problem or another I found peace within myself. Also, do not think that there is something wrong with you if people abandon you because you’re a different individual and you definitely should not be a follower.

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