Follow The Passion, Not The Charm ;)

Posted by Ankana Joshi
April 6, 2017

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Film industry is the dream of many, desire of few, but what is takes??   Sometime the human from you. Oh Yes! That is true. What is needed here is the proper awareness of the gear.

               Film Industry is not that Bad! 😉

Many young girls comes to an Industry with a vision of being famous; not only as an actor but also as a director, writer, makeup-artist, creative…… list is long. Sometimes they don’t even know what it will take from them. Ask yourself a Question; Are you willing to give your soul to anyone???

I know the Answer is Big NO.

So let’s starts from here, why don’t we just concentrate on our work, on our passion, for which we left many things, sometimes well paying job, sometimes family (unfortunately), sometimes love of your life and that is too much. L

After losing all this thing, the only one thing is left within is fanaticism which took a long ride with us.

Make sure, you will take that to the world’s finest ride. 

When you meet new people, try to see, they are here for what, are they living there dream or they are just hanging around. If they try to allure you with the their party contact or their Designer Dresses, then just get up and never meet them again, this is not what you are here for. If you are not getting to meet any one, than boost yourself and your work.

                    Work hard and hard and hard…

If you are writer write sometime good, does not matter how long it takes you to write, but write something good. Take criticism from your loyal friend, whom you trust for genuine feedback. This is the most essential work to do after you conclude your story, screenplay, or book.

After that try to meet people and that explicitly in the public place, because meeting at someone’s house whom you don’t even know, is NOT A GOOD IDEA. If you are an actor prepare your show reel and after that meet some casting companies, go for each and every audition.

Keep one thing in heart if Celebrities Kid like Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are there, then Sharukh Khan, Anushka and Kangana are also Rocking the same industry. If we have Aditya Chopra, then Anurag Kashyap is also there. Don’t get tempt by other’s success, everyone has their own struggle, big or small.

Everything takes time and it makes you wiser in your judgments.

Choice is yours…  🙂 🙂

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