For women’s day special.. Papa just because of u i can celebrate women’s day.. U r the reason behind my existence.. Love u infinite..

Posted by Anchal Shukla
April 7, 2017

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Sometimes its very heartaching when u got yo know that u r an unwanted child.. My mother told me the story that i was an unwanted child because i was a girl child..

My parents had two child before me and they both were boys.. One day my mom was telling me that u know what i was on cloud seven when the doctors confirmed my pregnancy.. I was going to be a mother.. I had thought with tears flooding my eyes.. Your father the only who has always been there for me when i needed him the most..

My father said to my mother “I can’t believe, a sweet little girl is going to breath a new life in our home soon”..

Ohhh..!! How can u be sure that it would be a girl child..??  My mother replied..

I’m damn sure it would be baby girl child for sure and after that they both smiled together..

My mother told me that i was forced by ur grandparents and some family members to abort u.. because they didn’t want to accept u.. They wanted to abort u if the ultrasound reports declared u a female..

And that time i was shocked, because there was nothing i could do at that moment except comply with their demands..

But u know what when the whole family members were against this decision ur father took stand for me.. Your grandparents already been said that if u are ready to take this responsibility then be also ready with the money which u have to pay after the delivery.. because we are not going to help u.. so be ready with all expenses related to the delivery and remember that she would be discharged only after when u pay all medical bills..

My father said to my grandparents u don’t need to be panic.. It’s my responsibility to pay all bills related to the delivery.. So don’t be worried about anything else..

Because it’s ok from my side and I’m ready to take my responsibility.. Afterall I’m going to be a father of girl child and girls are always strengthens family..

Every time i feel blessed that i have a great father.. Only because of him my existence could be possible.. He has always inspired me and motivated me to do good things in life even no one is watching u.. There is no Institute or organization can learn me what he has learned me through his experiences.. I know i can’t repay by doing anything for him but i really wish that i always make them happy.. Because they are continuously struggling to make our life happy.. I also faced so many problems as well as ups and down in my life but i never criticised my parents because i know it really well that they did every possible thing for us.. Some times i wonder how can he manage to di that keeping himself under so much pressure and pain but yet always ready to do anything just keep his family happy.. I can simply say that he is the beat father in the whole world.. It’s hard to find a man that who can love me like he does.. I appreciate everything he did for me till today.. I feel that I’m the luckiest girl who got such a great father like u.. He never taught me to do things like that way, I just observed him and his activities, what he likes and what he dislikes and throughoutly followed him.. He is the most priceless institution for me..

There are ao many people and relatives who send marriage proposals for me.. Even some of them were ready to marry me without taking any dowry.. but my father declined all proposals.. He said first i would like to see her studies to be completed and want to see her settled in her life.. That moment i felt so relaxed because i got chance to pursue my dreams..

As i grown up all family members started adore me.. Even because of my grandfather i could be able to take admission in MBA.. He came with me to my college for my admission.. It is true that time changes everything.. My father is my hero and he will be.. Thanks for all the love and care.. I will try to make u proud by my good deeds and will make all ur sacrifices worth.. You both are source of my inspiration and the most valuable institution of my life.. Thank you so for all the lessons, motivations,unconditional love and moat importantly the experience..

I feel like it is an important story to share in order to spread awareness.. So just thought to share my own story infront all of u.. Papa u r the reason behind my existence..  We live in a society where people mourns after the birth of girl child but i have an real example of my father who celebrate after the birth of a girl child.. Society needs more father like u.. Love u infinite..!!!!!!!


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