Forensic Data Recovery

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April 7, 2017

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Forensic data recovery is the process to recover digital data from damaged evidence sources. Data recovered using forensic data recovery technique is mainly used for criminal investigations. This data is very helpful to find the culprit who committed the crime.

We provide the service to recover forensic data. We have a team of experts, who have a decade of experience in the field of forensic data recovery. We can recover data from mobile devices, computer or any other electronic devices.

Our forensic data recovery team can retrieve evidence for a variety of cases such as trade secret theft, patent and copyright infringement, sexual harassment, fraud, and embezzlement. We can also detect narcotics smuggling, employee misconduct, industrial espionage, discrimination, indecency, conspiracies, and corruption.

Our data forensics investigators use various techniques to pursue data forensics, such as advanced system searches, reverse engineering, decryption, and other high-level data analyses. Our digital forensic investigators have advanced techniques and tools that help them to retrieve data from damaged evidence sources.


Worked Area Of Our Digital Forensic Experts

Our data forensic investigators have worked in many areas such as hardware data recovery, software recovery, image and audio recovery, email recovery, etc. Therefore, they can recover data, which is lost due to any below-mentioned reasons:


Hardware Failure

  • Single hard drive failure
  • Multiple hard disks failure
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Configuration corruption
  • Virus attack
  • Accidental deletion


Software Failure

  • Issue with Microsoft applications
  • Software corruption
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Configuration damage
  • Software malfunction

Recovery Deleted Emails From Various Email System

We have a simplified tool in the area of forensic email data recovery i.e. MailXaminer, which is a combined toolkit of examination of emails for investigative purposes.

Features Of MailXaminer Tool

  • It can retrieve deleted data from variety of email systems such as both web-based (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) and desktop-based (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)
  • This tool offered multiple export options such as PDF, MSG, CSV file formats.
  • One of the prime features offered by MailXaminer is to offer recovery of deleted (permanently) and corrupted messages from the scanned emails.
  • Its multiple case creation and management option (maintain case details) allow investigators to work and manage a multiple numbers of cases at a time.


Note: MailXaminer supports 20+ email file format and 750+ MIME type. Thus, it can do the examination of 80+ email clients.


SQLite Database Recovery

We also provide recovery of all the tables, columns, triggers, indexes, views etc. from SQLite database. We have a tool SQLite database recovery to repair data from SQLite file. This software provides three options to export and save the SQLite file such as

  • Save as SQLite database file
  • Export to MS Access
  • Export to other databases using DSN like SQL MDF

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