Guys & Girls: Who Contribute How Much To Eve-teasing And Alike Activities?

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
April 12, 2017

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“Don’t ask girls not to wear miniskirts; instead ask boys to have respectable feeling for girls.” True enough;

“When a boy can smoke openly, how can sophistication be challenged in case of girls smoking openly?” True enough;

“But at the end of the day, we belong to Indian Culture and girls should have a sense of dressing?” No, no, it is wrong thinking, India is developing but thinking of Indian people is static;

Why? When the first two quotes are true enough, what happened to the third quote then?

First of all, I should make clear that I am not here in favour of either of the genders. My note should be read strictly as a conscience of controversies.

I have been taught right from the childhood, equality of girls and no discrimination in the life style of either of the genders. Colours have been filled in the theory as I was shaped into adulthood leaving behind my childhood.

The disciple of this theory is quite clear about its thinking; Western lifestyle is affecting Indian lifestyle & since Indian lifestyle comprises of both boys and girls, naturally western lifestyle shall affect the lifestyle of both genders and so naturally there shouldn’t be any question mark whatsoever whether a girl spends night with a group of boys in open street or whether she is smoking or drinking openly or whether her clothes are such small that even other girls feel ashamed of her.

On the risk of being very critical, I would like to make one thing very clear – boys are equally responsible for eve teasing. Because at the end of the day, if their own sister is wearing miniskirts and they can control themselves in front of their sisters, then gradually if they want, I repeat if they want, they can control themselves in front of ‘sisters’ of other boys also when they see those girls in miniskirts. Those who say that a girl wearing miniskirts or drinking alcohol openly is an open invitation for RAPES etc. then those boys may have an intention of raping even their own sisters when they see her dressing in miniskirts or smoking tobaccos. But the cases of brothers raping sisters are minimal, then how can the cases of boys raping girls are so high in our country?

I keep talking to different group/ age/ gender of people about the topic and the conclusion that I derive from each conversation is very similar. What I found interesting is the fact that most of the girls that I talk to, they admit that girls and boys contribute equally to eve teasing and while the boys are said to learn to respect a girl, girls should also be nurtured by parents where they have a sense of wearing dresses and their behaviour in a group should reflect the rich tradition that India still has in its lifestyle.

I would not conclude this topic which may look a little embarrassing to my fellow readers, but I personally feel that as soon as I give a conclusion to this topic, people would start drawing their own conclusions upon my conclusion. So I leave it to the readers to think what they think about the topic.

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