Have We Lost Humanity ??

Posted by Chitra Puntambekar
April 2, 2017

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I have been brought up in a family which has mostly produced professors and teachers.Ethics and values has been a strict family persona since my early times.My mom is teacher in one the reputed Schools across the city.Recently she narrated an incident which made me think that we live in such kind of society were words have no value.

A friend of hers was on leave. Since her father was in ICU at the hospital she was not able to finish her working hours.Being the only child, she was morally bound to look after her ailing father which was quiet normal.She also submitted a leave application for few days stating the prior reason. As her father’s condition worsened day by day she applied for extension of leave.Higher authorities from the institution demaned for her father’s picture from the ICU.In order to save the job that was the proof they asked for.

Seriously have we lost our senses ??Are words no longer convincing ??Is parents illness not a enough reason for a leave application ??No person is that stupid to seek a leave by giving a fake reason.That too a teacher who teaches her students all the good values and academics since a very long time.Asking an employee of many years for such a proof to prove her truth was mentally and emotionally traumatic.We society are more concerned about being practical these days.But the reputation the person builds by working hard and being honest for years has lost it values in this case.

As a person I was shocked to come across this kind of incident.The teacher who taught me since my first step in school has to go through these things also was simply disgusting to me.We often here people who misuse their power in fields of politics,sports,etc.But through this incident I came across one of the darker side of people’s nature who now try to misuse their position in SCHOOL also.

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