Posted by Azharuddin Raeen
April 9, 2017

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What the hell is going on…. I mean just look around guys. We are a heck lot of zOmbies rocking out here. No, i mean seriously what the hell is going on, why is every one so freaked out…. Chill…. Buddies. Why are we acti ng so psycho pathetically roaming around crunning after money. Life is muvmch more than chasing a hoax thing just for the sake of surviving… Life is much greater thing than that… It’s a whole heck of world there to be explored and we guys are just wasting it … Seriously i mean whoaa a hell with the lot about the fun part but seriously we are just wasting it. Roam like a new comer to a city you have never been before… The tracking will go on but just let it rock man.. let it flow like a river till it doesn’t meets the shore it has ever deisred off… Just live every day, every second like, you are just going to be here once like it is your last second and do what you want just do it… If it is really that one life span you have ever got but just keep it on rolling taking one kicks and bouts of you up and down. Seriously you will enjoy it a lot to core just let it go where it is going…. Love life …. Love you dear zindagi. I fucking love you. I am gonna leave till i can say… Yess i have lived a life workibg rocking. Hellll yeah. Bitch. Helll yeah i am gonaa make it and i know how, i thought i knew all this time but was afraid though. I know and i am going to make it like that to maake it happen. Just watch…. Babby just waych…. It’s gonnaa be a bumpy ride my love …. But the pursuit willl never retire… To the people out tvere i  am thankful​ for the atmosphere out there actually i am or not only god noes if there is one…. I suppose the negative. Die mothefuckka all if you. Bloddy hell…..

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