How A Homeless Man Changed My Life!

Posted by ameya agrawal
April 27, 2017

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Source — Honey Badger

On my way home from a hotel, I had some extra food packed with me.
I came across a man who appeared to be a homeless beggar.

I went to him and asked “ Bhaiya khana khaoge?” ( Sir, do you want something to eat?)

He said “ No”

Thinking that he didn’t understand,

I asked again with hand movements “ Khana he? Kha lo” ( It’s food, please take it )

He again nodded in rejection.

Thinking how ungrateful the man was and surprised by his ego, I walked towards my bike to notice that the man had some beautiful handcrafted items by his side.

He sure must be an artist who wins earns his bread with self — respect.

With a mixed feeling of happiness and guilt, I took his leave with a thankful heart for teaching me how there is more to people than what meets the eye.

He taught me that we judge people too soon. He taught me that no matter what we go through, we can always have two things

Self-respect and determination.

And these things can take us all the way through.

I realized that I am so blessed and I definitely have a better life than that man, yet instead of working hard, taking efforts to fulfill my goal and make my life better, I keep asking for favors, I keep expecting miracles, I expect that someone will come and hold my hand to cross the river. I know that the success lies on the top of the mountain, yet I don’t even care to walk by myself to the mountain, but what I want is for the mountain to come to me.

Always remember,

In Hindi, it is said

“ Hath lagaye bina badhti nai he gaadi kaam ki,

kuch hota nai bas duhai deke raam ki”

Which means

“If we don’t help ourselves, no one can help us”

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