How A Senior Cbse Student Should Actually Learn And What They Should Know.

Posted by Jaimin Varsani
April 13, 2017


I am a CBSE student, class 12, or, I was!! It is a joy to finish your senior year. I have gone through a lot of problems, obstacles in my life. I find this necesary to tell others about my views and experience during these two years. Let’s see where to start.

The picture above shows the lady enjoying studying.. well, that’s what you think. But have you ever seen anybody like her in REAL LIFE? You can actually be like her. In this post, I am going to focus on following points:

1. The student’s life 

So many students must have experienced that you no longer enjoy life, it gets filled with hurdles and becomes boring. This seems true to you. But it isn’t. You better take in everything I say, it may sound unbelievable, wait!!! Life is enjoyable and can be fill with fun!! Why? Your studies are just a part of your life. There are other parts of your life you need to handle, and they needn’t to be ignored because of your studies. You can still handle your social life, your hobbies, such as sports, or computer programming. 😀😀. You only need to research how to handle all aspects of your life properly. Only you can do it! I can’t give you tips, because not all tips will work for you. I assure you it’s easy too get things arranged in your life. Just be positive and stay calm. People are there all over the world who have a good life. Just search about them in google and see what they did. Find what suites best for you. AND ABOVE ALL, STAY POSITIVE BE HAPPY.

2. Too much studying! Why? Why isn’t it fun? Why doe it take so long!

look at the pic above again. She is enjoying. You can enjoy learning too! Yes it’s possible. 😀. Don’t listen to others, as they will fill you up with negativity. Students give up on themselves, that’s where distraction comes in. You don’t know ho paw to handle work load and look for things that give you pleasure, such as social networking, or any other distraction. Never think there is too much to study beachside there isn’t. Not for you, and am not talking about universities. All our classes actually have the same level of difficulty, it’s people who make it harder than ever. You come across adults and your senior  friends who tell you “Yaar, this time there are TWO BOOKs of the same subject. There is a lot to learn than in my previous class!! It will take a night to grasp everything!!!.” You should stay away from such kind of people believe me😂. They are not helping you stay positive. Rather than helping you out, they are just scaring you. Have you heard about Sarthak Agarwal? Or,, Sukriti Gupta? How did they handle their work load? How did they manage their time to study? Or is it that people have always envied them and failed to see the brighter side and learn something from them?

“Sarthak and Sukriti are aliens, they don’t belong to this planet”

Am sure you must have heard this quoted above😂😂. See? Nobody wants to follow their footsteps. All students in India are filled with negativity, and laziness, I suppose, Only few students shine, rest all are hiding in the dark. Don’t you want to stay on the brighter side? Yes you can!! Don’t say no! All you are doing is lying to yourselves. Every human on this planet can achieve their goals. Nobody is born common.


That’s all for this post 😇. Be curious, stay positive!



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