How Changing My Diet Helped Cope With Depression

Posted by Prachi Jain in #LetsTalk
April 4, 2017

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It is alarming to note that millions of people in the world are falling prey to depression. Depression hampers normal life drastically as it affects physical as well as mental wellness in individuals. There are various factors that lead to depression and each person has his own cause. If dealt in the right manner, depression can be cured and the person can lead a normal and happy life. But in most cases, depression is ignored till it becomes a frightening thing to handle. Visiting a psychiatrist can help and so will counselling sessions. But taking anti-depressant medications for a long time will not be of much help.

Doctors and researchers opine that diet can play a pivotal role in depression treatment and this has been proved true. Improved and changed nutrition can help in combating the problem of depression to a great extent. Basically, there are some food items, which help in stimulating the production of hormones, which are actually neurotransmitters. With balance of such hormones, the ‘feel good’ factor returns in the body and factors like depression, anxiety, despair, exhaustion all fade away.

Things that should be included in the diet for combating depression

1. Berries of all kinds are just great

Talk of berries of all sorts – blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc – all of them are excellent for treating depression from the roots. And the reason for that is that berries are high sources of antioxidants. Try including them in the diet and see the great results that they bring. The antioxidants in berries help in reducing the depression score as they help in repairing DNA. Antioxidants prevent formation of free radicals, which harm the body in different ways.

2. Walnuts

People looking for plant-based rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, can depend completely on walnuts. Various research reports have proved that omega-3 fatty acids help in supporting brain functionalities and help in reducing symptoms of depression significantly. Try adding almonds in the diet in the way you want. In fact, they are great snacks, which can be munched anywhere you feel hungry.

3. Tomatoes

This juicy vegetable is not only tasty to eat, but it has great nutritional properties as well. Try including baby tomatoes in the salad everyday as tomatoes are a rich source of alpha-lipoic acid and folic acid. Both these components are excellent for combating depression successfully. It has been proved in a research that patients suffering from depression usually have folate deficiency. Alpha-lipoic acid too has direct impact on brain functioning and helps in stabilizing mood.

4. Apples

Like different kinds of berries, apples to abound in antioxidants and help in preventing free radical damage in the body. Oxidation damage and inflammation at the cellular level can be combated with this wonder fruit. As a result, all the organs in the body remain fully functional and help in carrying out their individual functions excellently.

Making a diet change for dealing with depression might be difficult initially, but once you start getting the benefits, you will keep following the diet for sure.

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