How Death Threats Inspired Me To Launch An Anonymous App That Lets You Speak Your Mind!

Posted by Pooja Daswani
April 28, 2017

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Ever had a thought you wanted to share but decided not to, because, “Log kya kahenge?”

I did too.

I’m Sameer Agarwal

I was trolled and labeled

I received death threats

I received threats of rape on my family members

I was hounded for expressing my true thoughts around the 2013 General Elections on Facebook & Twitter. Initially I thought it’s isolated to political opinions but soon realized that our society in general is quite intolerant towards opinions and thoughts, which are divergent from mainstream hence most people are always trying to fit in with the status quo for the worry of being judged by your very own family, friends or co- workers.

This constant struggle between saying things out loud and trying to curate ones image seeded the idea of creating a safe space where people can be themselves and hence I founded VOIZD! An App that lets you Voice your thoughts Anonymously through Quick 30 sec Audio Stories.

Traditional social spaces today are owned by English speaking audience and people who are not very comfortable with English or other written forms get hard end of the stick, hence the we decided that Audio/ Voice based expression should be mainstay of the App, as everyone can speak even when they are not very comfortable in writing. What voice also does is that it keeps the essence, emotion, tonality, of the poster and hence the message remains intact leading to a deeper connect between the poster and listener.

VOIZD is basically an Audio based Anonymous social space (mobile app) for everyone to express themselves freely, with Optional Anonymity, and ability for users to apply filters and Morph their Voice. Today, the VOIZD beta app has thousands of users from over 20 countries with 70 % women, posting audio stories around topics ranging from Relationships, Gender issues, Fashion, Abuse, Dating, sexual orientation, Poetry, jokes and Politics with highly engaging public conversations around these stories.

“MedusaMagic” opens up about her sexual desire and the ensuing moral dilemma. “Agni “is taking a dig at Delhi’s Dating scene with her satirical one-liner’s . “Psychlone” is brewing up a hurricane with his musings on religious teachings, “OverThinkingDesi” speaks from a place where he is still a terrified boy when he confesses to being abused. The voices of these people are morphed, but the conversation around taboo and a sense of relief couldn’t have been clearer. Members of a burgeoning new virtual Anonymous community called VOIZD, they are one of the many who’re finding solace, support, and the strength to share their stories and beliefs without worrying about being judged, labeled or trolled.

VOIZD now aims to become the defacto safe social space for people to discuss topics most close to their hearts, and hope that we are able to give voice to more and more people……… SO COME Voice your Thoughts on VOIZD App and create a Stir.

You too can join the VOIZD revolution, download the app from

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