How These 7 Innovative Startups Are Making Life Easier For Indians

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In India and abroad, startups are in trend now. However, the startup fever has bitten India really hard, but for good. Even though all businesses are prospering, there are lots of others who are making it big in the Indian startup space. Earlier, people aspired to join multi-national companies. However, currently, new graduates dream to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Other than making their dreams come true, these entrepreneurs are making life easy for Indians.

There is no dearth of startups now and there are many names which are daring to go places. Yet, there are only few which are more than innovative and are based on ideas that we never thought were fit for running a business. Nevertheless, they are there and are making lives easier for the Indians.

1. Simply Blood

Simply Blood is one of those startups that started with a cause, to help people in times of need. It is the first ever virtual blood donation site and truly the first of its kind. Started this year in January, Simply Blood has already been downloaded in many countries around the world. The app has been used by more than 200 people in more than 20 countries. They aim to save 1 million lives. It’s truly a great way to serve the society!

2. Passiton

This one takes the cake for the idea that it is based on. When we were just kids, we all were told that ‘sharing is caring’. So, Passiton built its business on this revolutionary idea where you can pass on whatever you don’t need to less privileged people. Be it electronics, home furniture, books, clothes or anything else that you either don’t require or are ready to give away for helping others, Passiton is there to help you. You simply need to list down whatever you want to pass on, on their website. And yes, it may not only be for the less privileged. It can also be used for the purpose of creating beautiful art. Why throw things away when you can help others?

3. Flyrobe

The obvious name of Flyrobe pops up in your mind if you are confused about what to wear to the next occasion you are going to attend. This is a startup that makes fashion easier for your pocket. They give designer wear on rent. So, if you have been dying to wear a lehenga choli designed by some of the best designers in India, here is your chance; for buying one of these can make your finances go haywire. You can get your hands on stuff designed by the likes of Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi, Masaba Gupta, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani and so on. Currently, they are active in the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Unique, right?

4. Tripoto

You are finding this on the list because it shares real life experiences of travellers. How many times did you ask others before planning a trip? Almost every time, right? And that is because a real life experience seems more real than any made up review or a piece of information available online. All casual users and contributors are welcome to share their travel experiences on Tripoto. Picking the right place to visit and planning a trip will no more be a problem now, thanks to Tripoto.

5. Bolt

How many times did you find your phone battery about to die when you were on the go? It is such a common thing. Maybe I should say that it was such a common thing since Bolt, the saviour is here! The company sells a 2A mobile charger specially designed for motorbikes that can attach itself to the handlebars. And it does more than simply charge your phone while you’re on the go. It uses a special application to keep a track of your movements. It’s quite an innovative idea.

6. Batman Delivers

Oh man, if Batman would have come over. Yes, this company delivers things in a style similar to that of Batman. And what do they deliver? They deliver all your midnight supplies, such as medicines, food, condoms and more. Sounds weird, right? But it does exist. Simply download their app and place your order. Who had ever thought that simplifying life like this was even possible?

7. Inspirock

Now, you can get help on planning your vacation as well. Inspirock is here to plan tours for all of those who are not good at it or else don’t have the time, which I think most of us don’t have. In fact, planning a trip can be time-consuming as you need to visit lots of websites to choose the places you plan to visit, to do the bookings, to check the travel itinerary and much more. This website does away with all of that and creates a customised trip based on your requirements and interests.

We can’t predict the future. So, we can’t say if these startups are going to prosper in the future. But given the cause and the ideas that these are based on, it is highly likely that they will prosper. We would love to see them flourish indeed.