How To Combat Such A Situation Of Hatred Among The People

Posted by Ayaz Mirza
April 9, 2017

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The recent event in Alwar raises the questions on the diminishing the relations of common folks. This relationship grew with the hundreds of years of common sharing of culture, religion and feelings of brotherhood. They shared the common meal, water, and other things of this holy country. With the passage of time, this relation grew stronger and deeper.

But this affection was a danger in the eyes of demagogues ( please don’t understand it with anybody particular ). They tried to destroy it for their own mutual benefit. Although they were shouting that it was for people but they had nothing to do with common people.

Still, now we are living in a multi-cultured, pluralistic society where everyone respects the others belief, religion, rituals and many other things. The common brotherhood is still alive in common folks who share the above said things. The same process is applying these days by which the better relations will be worse.

Stop such hatred. We should check this otherwise this holy affectionate land will become the land of hatred. But the question is that how can we check such hatred ?My little effort is not enough for it. You have great ideas and experiences to check it. please share with me and us so we can work on it.

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