I Am Not Tweeting Ever…….

Posted by Bhumika Gangola
April 28, 2017

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…….in a country like India where everyone reacts in a horrendous way to everything that’s tweeted, why would I ever want to be vocal about my thoughts.

It all started with one simple tweet by Sonu Nigam on 17th April in the morning when he was woken up by the sound of Azaan. Yes! The same Azaan which wakes us up too, at times in the evening.

Oh I am sorry! Everything said above was put in a very incorrect way, so let me just start again because putting up  my words in such a way would offend thousands of those who are just waiting there to get offended. In fact I am pretty sure they will not understand the entire sentence because it seems like their eyes can only see and their brains can only decipher the words  “Azaan”, “woken up” and ” forced religiousness”. So putting it in a correct way, Sonu Nigam wrote a very insensitive, hard hearted and an atheistic tweet. Was it not very obvious for the people of India to react in a way they did? My answer to that will be a big YES! But we shouldn’t have, what was the need? We talk about progressing and developing  but firstly we need to develop our mind set in order to seek development in every other aspect of life. We encourage people to be opinionated and express their views and every time they do so, we discourage them with demeaning comments.

Here I fail to understand, what wrong did he say when he talked about being woken up to the sound of Azaan! As far as my acumen allows me to comprehend, all he wanted was to have a good sleep and to not wake up to the sound of these “loudspeakers”. Why and where from did communalism come in? What was the need for it? He never was against the Muslim religion, he never mentioned it. Believe it or not it is all IN YOUR HEAD, you are the creator of this thought process which makes every other person a cynic of the other religions. It is either that people like me are too nonchalant about such statements or people who made a mountain of a molehill over such a normal tweet are too sensitive to every second thing that they hear. I believe there are people like me who be au fait with exactly what he wanted to say. “LOUDSPEAKERS” should not be used at a time when they know people around could be exhausted after working for nights and must be asleep. “LOUDSPEAKERS” notwithstanding any religion were the problem. His sequential tweets make it clear that all he meant was ‘being disturbed by loudspeakers’, he had no covered up intent to hurt the sentiments of people, although a lot of people bashed him up with their comments on how it is not only in the Muslim religion that loudspeakers are being used but also in the Hindu religion which they use for “Jagratas” or ” Ganesh processions”.

Seriously! Did he ever say that the songs played at the Jagratas or the Ganesh processions are so melodious that anyone could fall asleep to it? Why do we always have to corrupt someone’s babe in the woods statement  and turn it into something totally different. Trust me, while tweeting he himself wouldn’t be conscious of the hundreds of meanings that his tweets were banded together to. The most applaudable are the people who straight away jumped to a conclusion of this being a publicity stunt! But why would that be? Is he not already so famous that so many people left what they were doing, brainstormed themselves to find some provocative meaning behind his tweet and started condemning him for something he did not even think of doing. People even advised him to move into some jungle so that he is away from all sort of traces of human beings. WOW! So now we know “loudspeakers” symbolize the existence of human beings!

What’s even more commendable is the Fatwa that was issued against Sonu Nigam by Syed Sha Atef Ali Quaderi, where Rupees 10 lakh were offered to anyone who would shave-off Sonu’s head. He even wanted people like Sonu Nigam to be driven out of the country. It sounds ludicrous however, it is my humble request to everybody to inform the Maulvi about other people like Sonu Nigam, so that their heads could as well be shaved off. I wonder what would the Maulvi do with Sonu’s hair that he was so adamant to have them shaved off. Also, I wish he was aware that a haircut surely does not cost a whooping amount of 10 lakh and if he has so much of supernumerary money he can pass the hat to people who do not have it. Allah would for sure be pleased.

To conclude, in all sincerity I would like to apologize to the people whose sentiments my opinion would hurt. I and a lot of other people like me believe that God resides in our hearts. He can hear our prayers even without those loudspeakers and by that I mean, Gods of every religion, although I believe them to be one but evidently a lot of people DON’T! I might be consummately wrong to the people who, with a higher intellect bring in religious sentiments every time. I might never reach their level of intelligence and brilliance, but the question is DO I WANT TO?

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