I Am Sorry For Taking Offence.

Posted by sanjana choudhary
April 2, 2017

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I am sorry.

I am sorry for being a person who can’t just listen to people ranting about patriarchy, feminism, discrimination, intolerance and nationalism.

Sorry about the last bit.

I was not that person who could keep quiet when an innocent man was killed two years ago for storing food in his refrigerator, or the person who could keep quiet when a community started burning buses and trains to demand for rights, and i definitely was not the person who could tolerate a physical threat or abuse.

Welcome to the real world? I know it sucks and I am not loving it.

I am not loving the first year of my college where I witness art getting diluted with politics; Where people who are capable of silencing crowds with their quick wit and humour have to put black tapes on their mouth and silence themselves because ‘a mere joke might hurt sentiments’, Where a few miles and a few different alphabets determine whether a creation is worth displaying or not?

A country like ours, which brutally questioned its political organisation 70 years ago and fought for ‘freedom’ , now, cannot even tolerate these 7 letters linked together. Since when did nationalism become a word writers and artists dread using? I wonder since when did we start taking offence on beef and stopped giving a damn about ‘raping dead women’.

I am sorry.

I am sorry for being the person who ironically listens to news reporters calling my university a plethora of anti-sentiments but the very next minute hears them crying crocodile tears over something that happened to Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

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